How to Keep Your AdSense Account From Being Nuked

Written by Robert Plank

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Once you're there, openrepparttar file called "hosts". If you don't see anything listed just typerepparttar 146089 word hosts andrepparttar 146090 file should open up. Justrepparttar 146091 word "hosts", no extension or anything after that. It's probably blank but it might not be.

Add this line:

And save. You're done.

Now go back to a site that you know has some Google Ads. There should be an empty space whererepparttar 146092 ads appeared.

Want to turn it off? Don't just delete it, put a "#" sign in front of that line, like this:


What's that do? It basically says "ignore this line." I like to leave it like that so when I want to hide Google Ads again, all I have to do is removerepparttar 146093 "#" sign and save then putrepparttar 146094 "#" back in when I'm ready to go back to normal.

Robert Plank is the creator of "AdSense Seeker," the powerful PHP script that sends AdSense stats via phone or e-mail that'll save you literally HOURS every day.

Pay Per Click Advertising Works If You Do It Right

Written by Jeff Schuman

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The key to pay per click advertising lies in choosing keywords that people are searching for, but spendingrepparttar least amount of money doing it. This will take you some time to develop your own list of keywords, but once you have done that you are off and running.

Assuming you have a product or service that people will buy there is no end torepparttar 146054 amount of money you can make. You are only limited byrepparttar 146055 amount of websites you want to build andrepparttar 146056 time you want to spend managing your pay per click advertising campaign.

The bottom line is this. Pay Per Click programs allow you to compete withrepparttar 146057 big boys in your niche. A targeted advertising campaigin is a very fast way to get on top ofrepparttar 146058 search engines without spending hours and hours optimizing your own website withrepparttar 146059 search engines.

If you have a small amount of money to get started then there is no reason not to userepparttar 146060 pay per click strategy. As your website becomes more profitable you can reinvest some of your profits back into more advertising and more expensive keywords.

This is exciting. You are off and running with your own pay per click advertising program and making sales that your competition isn't because you have mastered this targeted advertising medium. contains the best of everything you need to make money online. Their pay per click advertising website contains links to the Top 10 webites to help you start your own pay per campaign today.

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