How to Install Neon & LED Interior Car Lights

Written by Antonio Gabellone

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Neon accent tubes forrepparttar interior and exterior of cars has been popular for a long time, and look great on nice cars and bikes - however,repparttar 102710 LED tubes have proven to be more reliable, much brighter then neons and draw less power, therefore making themrepparttar 102711 preffered option amounst most car lighting anthusiasts. But it is entirly up to you what type of tubes you want to install, both Neon & LED's dorepparttar 102712 job just fine. Where ever you buyrepparttar 102713 LED or neon light kits from, you should get a "cigarette lighter" plug and Instructions withrepparttar 102714 kit in order to operaterepparttar 102715 lights... but in some cases you may have to, or you may want to, install them permantly by connectingrepparttar 102716 power and earth wires ofrepparttar 102717 kit directly intorepparttar 102718 wires on your car or bike.

However, where to exactly to do this and how to do it without damagingrepparttar 102719 wiring or making a fire hazard are what's on most people minds before they attempt a project like this - so thats why we wrote these instructions, to help out as many "first time installers" get their kits up and "glowing" fast!.

So lets base these Generic Instructions onrepparttar 102720 impression that you want to install them permanently - so what you'll need to do is, presuming you want to install Neon & LED interior car Lights inside your car, is find where you want to mountrepparttar 102721 tubes and keep their location in mind while doingrepparttar 102722 wiring part ofrepparttar 102723 installation, so as you can allow forrepparttar 102724 correct length ofrepparttar 102725 wires.

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How to Install Neon & LED Interior Car Lights

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Written by Jim Douglas

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