How to Improve Search Engine Rankings

Written by Herman Drost

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4. Write articles Choose your best keywords and weave them intorepparttar theme of your articles. Include a link to your web site inrepparttar 128347 resource box atrepparttar 128348 end of your articles. Submit your articles to ezine publishers and article announcement lists. This gives your articlerepparttar 128349 potential to be read by thousands of ezine subscribers. Your article will become linked to many web sites, resulting in higher rankings.

5. Participate in forums Find a forum that is related torepparttar 128350 theme of your web site. People visit these forums to look for content that answers their questions. Once you have provided helpful information, you can leave a link to your site in your signature file. If this is a highly trafficked forum, leaving your link there, will increase your site's popularity.

6. Monitor your rankings The best way to check how your site is doing inrepparttar 128351 search engines is to check your web site statistics. A high quality web hosting service will show you which pages receiverepparttar 128352 most traffic (hits and visits) and where it is coming from (which search engines).

7. Exercise patience Search engines typically take one to three months to spider your web site, so your changes will not be seen immediately. Think ofrepparttar 128353 steps outlined above, as a long-term marketing strategy for your web site.

Tip Generating a massive amount of traffic to your web site, doesn't guarantee sales. Here is a short list of factors that will also help convert your visitors into sales:

Professional site design Well-written web copy Fast loading times Simple navigation No broken links Optimizing for different screen resolutions Optimizing forrepparttar 128354 main browsers

As you can see, improving search engine rankings that result in sales meansrepparttar 128355 continuous monitoring and refinement of your web site. Since 85% of your sites traffic (this is very targeted traffic) comes fromrepparttar 128356 search engines, it is well worthrepparttar 128357 investment.

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Increasing Profits For Small Businesses Through Search Engine Marketing

Written by Dale Goetsch, Search Engine Marketing Consultant

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How do people reach your website: Search Engine Marketing

If you have a famous brand, people will have an easy time reaching your website. If, however, you aren't a Fortune 500 company, it may be a bit tougher. Search Engine Marketing may be justrepparttar thing for you. You want your website to have high visibility, withrepparttar 128346 goal of leading qualified traffic to you. How much more qualified could your prospects be than to have them actually looking for you?

Marketing via Search Engines may berepparttar 128347 most cost-effective techniques available to you. Many Search Engines will list your site for free; others for a relatively small fee. Just because your site is listed onrepparttar 128348 popular Search Engines, however, doesn't mean you're home free. Have you ever done a search and seen that there were a million matches for your search terms? Have you ever tried to look atrepparttar 128349 one-millionth match? Usually people are interested in onlyrepparttar 128350 first page or two of results--typicallyrepparttar 128351 first thirty matches or so. If you happen to be number 31, you are out of luck.

How do I get on top: Search Engine Promotion

We know how to get you torepparttar 128352 top of these lists of Search Engine returns, and to keep you there. While nobody can guarantee results, we can greatly improve your site's ranking onrepparttar 128353 major Search Engines. If anybody tells you that they can guarantee you a #1 ranking, don't believe them. There are no tricks to achieving a better ranking, but there is hard work, combined with experience, that will move you up intorepparttar 128354 coveted "top thirty" spots. We have that knowledge; we have that experience.

Search Engine Promotion: How we do it

We want you to achieve a sustainable high ranking in Search Engines that people actually use, and to do so at a price you can afford. Our Code of Ethics is your assurance that we will put all our efforts behind your site. The details are important to you, and they are important to us. We can work with you and your website developer to make sure your site ranks as highly as possible.

Working with your small to mid-sized website, we can:

Prepare an initial ranking report, to help you better understand how you are already positioned inrepparttar 128355 Search Engines.

Work with you to select appropriate keywords to incorporate into your site. Select an appropriate category for your inclusion inrepparttar 128356 human-edited directories.

Perform a thorough website review, to let you know which parts of your site could be made more Search Engine-friendly.

Make suggestions for additional content you may wish to include on your site.

Verifyrepparttar 128357 usability of your site.

Getting people to your site is important; keeping them there, helping them to find what they are looking for is vital.

Testrepparttar 128358 functionality of your site.

Perform an analysis and review of websites of your competitors. If you want to rank higher than them, you need to understandrepparttar 128359 strategies they are employing.

Provide a complete set of Search Engine optimization components for you to include inrepparttar 128360 pages on your website. Provide detailed instructions for you or your website developer on how to implementrepparttar 128361 suggestions and components.

Submissions torepparttar 128362 major free Search Engines and Directories.

Submissions torepparttar 128363 major paid Search Engines and Directories.

Re-submit your site as necessary.

Provide a follow-up ranking report, to see how your site's ranking has increased through implementation of these recommendations.

Link popularity strategy campaign, to assure that other sites are pointing toward you.

Ongoing traffic analysis to find out how site visitors are finding you. We look forward torepparttar 128364 opportunity to put our experience to work for you. Drop us a note at and see how we can help increase your ranking inrepparttar 128365 Search Engines and Directories.

When you are ready to put your website to work for you, it's time to contact us.

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