How to Have the Perfect Baby Boy Invitations

Written by Randy Wilson

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When baby showers take place beforerepparttar birth, itís best to plan them at least two months in advance. This allows forrepparttar 144191 occasional unexpected early deliveries and givesrepparttar 144192 mother time to arrange and organize all of her new things beforerepparttar 144193 heaviest and hardest part of her pregnancy. Remember, mom needs lots of time to rest and adjust to all ofrepparttar 144194 new changes.

Ifrepparttar 144195 baby shower is taking place afterrepparttar 144196 delivery, you want to planrepparttar 144197 baby shower for at least 4-6 weeks after. This gives mother and baby time to adjust to their new routines before beingrepparttar 144198 center of attention at a big event such asrepparttar 144199 baby shower. Baby showers given afterrepparttar 144200 birth have an advantage becauserepparttar 144201 name and sex ofrepparttar 144202 baby are known for sure. This makes baby shower gift giving more personalized and even simpler forrepparttar 144203 mother by saving her time, sparing her from needing to make unwanted exchanges.

Think of how many baby shower or other type of invitations will be needed in your lifetime! Take outrepparttar 144204 middleman and do it yourself to add your own unique style and ensure itís done on time and done rightrepparttar 144205 first time.

A final tip: proofread thoroughly beforerepparttar 144206 final print ofrepparttar 144207 baby shower invitations for a boy to make sure that all ofrepparttar 144208 information onrepparttar 144209 invitations is accurate. Names, dates, addresses, and phone numbers need to be spelled correctly.

Baby showers are a fun and delightful way to honor your sister, neighbor, co-worker or friend. This is your special gift to them. A baby shower invitation is onlyrepparttar 144210 beginning to planningrepparttar 144211 best baby shower and makingrepparttar 144212 baby shower a memorable occasion for allrepparttar 144213 participants.

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The Best Travel Games

Written by Steve Gillman

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In another car travel game, someone looks outrepparttar window and randomly selects an object. Everyone inrepparttar 144165 car then tries to imagine a creative way to make money with it. Overpasses become places to advertise, cows are rented out, and a truck becomes a traveling discotheque.

Other Car Travel Games

Turn onrepparttar 144166 radio and you can have a game in which everyone tries to berepparttar 144167 first to call outrepparttar 144168 name ofrepparttar 144169 artist when a song starts. You can changerepparttar 144170 station, so you don't have to wait through a whole song to continuerepparttar 144171 contest.

In another car radio game, each person inrepparttar 144172 car chooses a word. Then you turn onrepparttar 144173 radio. The person whose word is spoken (or sung) first onrepparttar 144174 radio isrepparttar 144175 winner.

Finally, have one person inrepparttar 144176 car start a story with a sentence or two. Each person in turn adds a line torepparttar 144177 story. This can get personal, but usually creates a story that has everyone laughing.

Steve Gillman hit the road at sixteen, and traveled alone across the United States and Mexico at 17. Now 40, he continues to travel with his wife Ana, whom he met in Ecuador. His stories, tips and information on travel, can be found at:

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