How to Harness the Real Power of the P.S.

Written by Vincent Czaplyski

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How does one write an emotionally appealing P.S.? Here are three examples.

The first tugs atrepparttar heartstrings of its audience, potential buyers of a United States Historical Society stained glass plate commemoratingrepparttar 108138 World War II Battle of Iwo Jima. It describes an additional benefit not previously mentioned inrepparttar 108139 letter, and does so in an emotionally appealing way.

P.S. In years to come, this treasured work of art will be a reminder perhaps to generations yet unborn of Americas finest hour.

The next one comes from a sales letter seeking subscribers to The Economist magazine. The body ofrepparttar 108140 sales letter describesrepparttar 108141 magazine as read by presidents (of countries, banks, universities and Fortune 500 companies). The P.S. plays to this sense of exclusivity, a sophisticated emotional appeal that probably hooked a lot of new subscribers.

P.S. As mentioned earlier, this invitation is non-transferable. It is valid in your name only. If you decide not to accept my offer, please do not pass it along to anyone else. I would prefer you simply discard it. Thank you.

The last example is from a sales letter for Prostanol, a mens prostrate health supplement. The copywriter could have just blandly statedrepparttar 108142 guarantee. But with fear of contracting prostrate cancer onrepparttar 108143 minds of many men over age 40 (the target audience here),repparttar 108144 P.S. was written instead in an emotionally attention getting way that is much more effective.

P.S. Ive seen men who were completely distraught fromrepparttar 108145 debilitating effects of poor prostrate health come back to life again. Thats how powerful this formula is and why I can confidently offer you my unequaled guarantee: unless Postanol works for you in just weeks, ITS FREE. Im that confidant in this scientifically-proven formula.

To summarize, decide what you wantrepparttar 108146 P.S. to accomplish, then write it in such a way that it strikes an emotional chord with your target audience. If you do, it wont matter that it may be one ofrepparttar 108147 first parts ofrepparttar 108148 letter read by your prospects.

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Give Me $1 And I'll Have A Powerful Marketing Weapon

Written by Al Martinovic

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Don't copyrepparttar headline word for word but rather use it as a reference and change it around to suit your own business. You'll find that many great headlines are actually recycled.

But don't stop there! If you are reading ad copy and come across a great word or phrase... write it down!

Again, eventually you'll have pages of words and phrases to choose from when writing ad copy. It is also useful when you have writers block. You can just open your trusty notebook and use a line or two andrepparttar 108137 next thing you knowrepparttar 108138 next paragraph writes itself.

These are just a few ofrepparttar 108139 ideas that I store in my trusty little notebook(s).

So get yourself a notebook or two and start storing your ideas. You'll be surprised at how often you will refer to it. And if you're like me, that notebook will never leave your side when you are marketing.

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