How to Grow a Pineapple

Written by Linda Paquette

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So how do you grow a pineapple?

To grow a pineapple, purchase a whole one at your local grocery. Cut offrepparttar top, making sure your cut contains some ofrepparttar 144302 fruit. Let this dry inrepparttar 144303 sun for a couple of days. When this plug has “hardened off”, plantrepparttar 144304 top fruit side down. Coverrepparttar 144305 plug only enough to make sure it is firmly seated in your pot. Waterrepparttar 144306 plant weekly until it is established; then water only whenrepparttar 144307 sand is dry to your touch.

One ofrepparttar 144308 interesting parts of growing pineapple plants is that they absorb nutrients and moisture through their leaves more than through their roots. When you water a pineapple plant, pourrepparttar 144309 water intorepparttar 144310 vase-like center ofrepparttar 144311 leaves. Alternatively, you can mistrepparttar 144312 leaves with a spray bottle, concentratingrepparttar 144313 spray nearrepparttar 144314 center ofrepparttar 144315 plant, but continuing untilrepparttar 144316 surrounding sand is damp.

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Written by Judi Singleton

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Hibiscus flower extract has been used in many folk remedies for liver disorders and high blood pressure. Hibiscus - Relieves stomach problems, sweetens breath and soothes nerves. Said to be an aphrodisiac. Cholesterol / Heart Disease - a study atrepparttar Chung Shan University in Taiwan involving rats on high cholesterol diets demonstrated that an extract ofrepparttar 144259 hibiscus flower significantly lowered cholesterol content in blood serum and prevented oxidation of LDL, "bad", cholesterol. "Experiments have shown that compounds extracted from red wine and tea reduce cholesterol and lipid build-up inrepparttar 144260 arteries of rats.

"This isrepparttar 144261 first study to show that Hibiscus extract hasrepparttar 144262 same effect."

- Dr. Chau-Jong Wang, lead researcher

Hypertension - in one study individuals with hypertension were given hibiscus tea once daily for 12 days. Members ofrepparttar 144263 control group lowered their blood pressure by 11% versus 4% forrepparttar 144264 control group.

Liver Disorder - hibiscus is thought to help with liver disorders, though no studies to this effect have been done. It act as an antiseptic, aphrodisiac, astringent, cholagogue, demulcent, digestive, diuretic, emollient, purgative, refrigerant, resolvent, sedative, stomachic, and tonic.

Roselle is a folk remedy for abscesses, bilious conditions, cancer, cough, debility, dyspepsia, dysuria, fever, hangover, heart ailments, hypertension, neurosis, scurvy, and strangury. Uses include an aphrodisiac; soothes nerves; antispasmodic; itchy skin; stomach problems; sweeten breath; attract love/lust; divination; dreams. Bunga Raya, is known for its medicinal properties. The roots ofrepparttar 144265 plant are used as a cure for fever and other ailments, whilerepparttar 144266 juice obtained fromrepparttar 144267 leaves and roots is said to be effective in relieving skin eruptions and glandular troubles. Also,repparttar 144268 petals were commonly used as cosmetics to darken and highlight women's eyebrows.

Rose of Sharon was not so much a specific earthly flower as it was a symbol ofrepparttar 144269 Perfect Bride, &repparttar 144270 Perfect Bride symbolizedrepparttar 144271 fruitfulness & beauty ofrepparttar 144272 Earth (or Earthmother) when She was at peace & in harmony with God. "Sharon" means "Fruitful," a word that Torah associates with good pasturage for sheep.

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