How to Grow Snow Peas

Written by Linda Jenkinson

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Because they are legumes, there is no need to fertilize snow peas. In fact, legumes make their own fertilizer and are often grown as cover crops to replace lost nutrients to soil. However, snow peas, like most varieties of peas, are climbers and grow best withrepparttar support of a trellis, fencing, or beanpole.

When temperatures reach a steady 70 degrees,repparttar 142184 rate of growth slows and plants begin to die. Harvest peas when pods are about three inches in length but still flat. You’ll need to use your snow peas soon after harvest since they quickly lose their sugar content after they’re picked.

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Making Love to my Garden

Written by Jenny Harker

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And then one morning, after days of watering, waiting, and watching, I findrepparttar first brush of green seedlings inrepparttar 142087 new bed.

A sense of peaceful satisfaction steals over me. I usually giverepparttar 142088 seedlings a pep talk.

Roto-tillers are terrific. But having an aching back and dirt under your nails from doing allrepparttar 142089 hard work to reachrepparttar 142090 moment of green life...

Baby, there's nothing like it!

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