How to Grow Asparagus

Written by Hans Dekker

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Plant asparagus crowns in a trench that is one to two feet wide. Setrepparttar crowns up to six inches deep and nine to twelve inches apart. Asparagus grows easily in any well-drained soil. Found growing wild on English riverbanks,repparttar 113411 delicate asparagus ferns were nicknamed “sparrow grass”. However, asparagus allowed to stand in water develops root rot, which can quickly destroy a complete bed. Asparagus roots have a tendency to “rise” asrepparttar 113412 bed matures. Gardeners typically add soil torepparttar 113413 rows of a mature asparagus bed to keeprepparttar 113414 crowns undercover. Asparagus is also susceptible to late spring frosts, which kill emerging spears Take care to keep your asparagus bed covered until frost danger is past.

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Internet Marketing and Advertising for the Green Industry

Written by Adam White

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