How to Grab the No.2 Spot on Amazon for Advance Book Sales

Written by Jim Green

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- Brilliant writing - Super-intelligence - Inside information


They are all useful attributes but none of them will cutrepparttar mustard on their own.

Nor is there an exclusive focus onÖ

- The intrinsic nature ofrepparttar 135133 topic - Expertise in pre-publishing techniques - Who you know or what you know

So what does it require?

It requires a mindset based on a series of unique all-encompassing strategies which you can read about if you take time out to visitrepparttar 135134 website listed inrepparttar 135135 resource box below.

Oh, and one other thing...

You must always incorporate into your writing a mystery ingredient that guarantees success for every project you undertake.

Can you guess what?

Jim Green is a bestselling author with an ever-growing string of niche non-fiction titles to his credit. View his output at

How to Research Absolutely Anything

Written by Stephanie Cage

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4 - Tourist information Sometimes libraries arenít much help becauserepparttar information youíre looking for changes frequently. This is particularly true in travel writing, where you can end up looking foolish if a hotel or restaurant has closed down since your visit, or a museum or gallery has changed its opening hours. Thatís whenrepparttar 134983 areaís tourist information is invaluable.

5 - People If you havenít found what youíre looking for using any of these methods, or if you want more details thanrepparttar 134984 average reference book provides, youíll need to look for someone inrepparttar 134985 know who can help you out. For general information, museum curators, gallery owners and librarians are often very helpful, but sometimes youíll need something more specific. In that case,repparttar 134986 best tactic can be to find an association related torepparttar 134987 topic. If you want to find out about details ofrepparttar 134988 Civil War for your battle scene, is there a re-enactment society near you? Thereís bound to be someone who can answer your questions, and you might even get a chance to seerepparttar 134989 atmosphere of a Civil War battle for yourself and pick up some details youíd never have thought to ask about.

Finally, if that fails, fall back onrepparttar 134990 theory that everyone onrepparttar 134991 planet is connected by just six links and ask everyone you know (work colleagues, fellow writers group members, friends and relatives) whether they know anyone who might be able to help you. Tell them itís for a book (or magazine article, or whatever) and most people are glad to help Ė thatísrepparttar 134992 beauty of being a writer.

Stephanie Cage is a writer and researcher based in Berkshire, UK. She writes regularly for The Agony Column and newbooksmag and has also been published in e-Quip (the e-zine of the British Society of Comedy Writers) and Link (the magazine of the National Association of Writersí Groups), where this article first appeared. Visit her at

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