How to Get Your Website In Front of Thousands of Customers At No Cost To You!

Written by John Anghelache

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After reading his website I can tell you this: Article marketing, done right, is one ofrepparttar best no cost tools to promote a website you will ever discover.

Notice that I said… If You Do It Right!

What does that mean?

Well, you really have to know how to write articles so that they are both informative and get people to your website.

Which means understandingrepparttar 149649 two-fold purpose of writing articles:

1. To present yourself as an expert on your topic… and…

2. Get people to read your “resource box” and clickrepparttar 149650 website link.

And you need to findrepparttar 149651 best way to get your articles distributed. There are basically two ways. Either you sign up for access to ezines that accept articles… or… you “hire” an article distribution service.

If you gorepparttar 149652 first route you are going to manually send articles out. This is both tedious and unnecessary.

Because has a free article distribution service option. They also offer two paid options for greater exposure. Which are dirt cheap.

Go to and read overrepparttar 149653 website. Take a look atrepparttar 149654 options they provide. I can almost guarantee that no matter what you sell this strategy will work for you too.

John Anghelache is a copywriter and marketing strategist who develops high-ticket information products. His FREE book “How To Turn Your Expertise And Ideas Into A Business That Can Make You Rich” is available at…

Google Sitemaps Explained - How To Use Google Sitemaps

Written by Titus Hoskins

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Now there is already a flood of these generators popping up! Different ways of generating your XML powered sitemap file. More are probably appearing as you read this. For your convenience, three ways to generate your XML Sitemaps file are listed below:

Difficult - Google's Python Generator

That's a relative term, if you know your server likerepparttar back of your hand and installing scripts doesn't scarerepparttar 149343 bejesus out of you, you're probably smiling atrepparttar 149344 word difficult. Google supplies a link to a generator which you can download and set up on your server. It will cough up your sitemap XML file and automatically feed it to Google. Google XML Generator generator.html

In order for this Generator to work, Python version 2.2 must be installed on your web server - many servers don't have this. If you know what you're doing, this will probably be a good choice.

You don't need a Google Account to use Sitemaps but it's encouraged because you can track your sitemap's progress and view diagnostic information. If you already have another Google Account gmail, Google Alerts, etc. just use that one to sign in and follow directions from there.

To submit your Sitemap using an HTTP request, issue your request torepparttar 149345 following URL:

Hard - A PHP Code Generator

This is a php generator that you can place on your server. This generator will spider your site, and produce your XML sitemap file. Downloadrepparttar 149346 phpSitemapNG and upload it to your server. Runrepparttar 149347 generator to get your XML sitemap file and send it to Google. PHP Generator

Again, this is only hard to do if you don't know your way around PHP files or scripts.

Easy - Free Online Generator

These Generators are popping up everywhere, and Google now keeps a list of these 'third party suppliers' of generators on their site. Find them here:

One ofrepparttar 149348 easiest to use is and you can index up to 500 pages with this online Generator very quickly and it will give yourepparttar 149349 sitemap XML file Google needs to index your site. It will go into your site, spider it and index all your pages into an XML sitemap of your site. You can download this file, Compressed or Non- compressed and make minor changes such as settingrepparttar 149350 priority, changing frequency, etc.

Then upload this file to your site as sitemap.xml torepparttar 149351 root directory of your server i.e. where you have your homepage. Then notify Google Sitemaps of your XML file and you're in business.

Of course,repparttar 149352 only drawback, if you constantly add pages to your site you will need to also add these pages to your XML sitemap file. This won't be much of a problem unless you're daily adding pages to your site - then you will need something likerepparttar 149353 PHP or Python generator to do all this for you automatically.

Google is stillrepparttar 149354 major search engine onrepparttar 149355 web so getting your pages indexed and updated quickly isrepparttar 149356 major reason to use Google Sitemaps. If you want your site to remain competitive it's probably repparttar 149357 wisest route to take.

To learn more about the different Services and Programs offered by Google click here: Google Adsense & Google Adwords Copyright © 2005 Titus Hoskins of This article may be freely distributed if this resource box stays attached.

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