How to Get Your Web Site Ranked High in Search Engines with Free Link Exchanges

Written by Barry Stein

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Here is a copy ofrepparttar e-mail I send to other web site owners to request free link exchanges with.

---------------------------------------------------------------- Hi,

I wanted to see if you'd do a free link exchange with me.

Many ofrepparttar 128325 top search engines use reciprocal linking to rank your web pages. In order to have high ranking web pages you need links back to your web site.

Here is my information:

Title: Beanie Babies Description: You'll find over 500 different styles of Beanie Babies at Many at up to 59% off retail. We also wholesale Ty Beanie Babies. URL:

Please send e-mail to after you place my link on your web site withrepparttar 128326 URL address of where it is located along withrepparttar 128327 information for your listing on my web site.

Your information: Title: Description: URL:

Once I receive your information I will place it on my Links Page and I'll e-mailrepparttar 128328 URL address where you'll be able to view your link.

Thanks, Barry Stein ----------------------------------------------------------------

Option #2 Optimize your web pages for keyword phrases. You'll want to target one keyword phrase per web page. If you have great content and have targeted a keyword phrase then eventually Google will index your web page and rank it higher.

You should really use both these options, but ofrepparttar 128329 two I like repparttar 128330 free link exchanges best because I can quickly seerepparttar 128331 progress I'm making.

Do free link exchanges work?

Well, as I stated above, my web site was ranked number 33 for my most important keyword phrase, "Beanie Babies."

I then started doing free link exchanges. Prior to that time I only had about 10 link exchanges on my web site with other web sites. Now I have about 100 links and my rank on Google for "Beanie Babies" is number 5.

So free link exchanges do work!

Search engine ranking is one ofrepparttar 128332 most important parts to your overall Internet success if you have a web site. In fact, it may berepparttar 128333 most important thing you can learn how to do in order to have a successful Internet business.

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Getting Listed and staying Listed In Search Engines

Written by John Horsch

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3. Keep articles in 300 to 500 word range Break up your articles, as I have done with this one. Search engines don't search long pages anyway. Web visitors are usually in a hurry and this format will suit them better as well.

4. Userepparttar Keyword in your Title The title of your article should be in BOLD print and larger thanrepparttar 128324 rest ofrepparttar 128325 article. Search engines recognize this bold print andrepparttar 128326 keywords contained in it.

Make a killer headline that really draws interest. Try to keeprepparttar 128327 relevant keywords inrepparttar 128328 first few words of your headline for best results.

5. Use your Keyword Phrases in your Article. Try to use your keyword phrases at least 3 times in your article and not more than 7 throughoutrepparttar 128329 body of your article.

6. Place A Link to Your Web site inrepparttar 128330 article. Don't forget to place a link to your web site in your article. This will act like a doorway page torepparttar 128331 search engines.

You should submit your web site torepparttar 128332 search engines no more than once a month. More than that could get your site banned.

The steps above wont take you long to master. Before you know it you will have a lot of articles and a lot of traffic due to these articles.. what wasrepparttar 128333 cost to you?   Not a dime...just your time.

A 3+ year veteran of Internet marketing, John Horsch publishes The Ezine, and owns and operates has a full complement of advertising to meet the daily needs of Internet Marketers.

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