How to Get Your Visitors To "Tell A Friend"

Written by Dawn Gray

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2. CGI. I really like Birdcast at - it's what I use on my website. You can find more options on my Webmaster Resources page.

3. A service. Many remotely-hosted scripts are available. The most popular is Recommend-It at (which offers a contest as an incentive and allows you to add recommendation links torepparttar email you send out). There is also a free program called Let 'Em Know at which allows you to run your own contest for participants and probably offers more statistics. Either can be set up in 5 minutes or less.

Javascript and CGI scripts haverepparttar 134802 benefit of being completely under your control. You can customize them to work on your website and decide if and how visitors are notified aboutrepparttar 134803 origin of your script.

Services are easier to set up, but have to make a living somehow and may use advertising or big, tacky buttons with their name and/or logo in order to do so.

Don't delay! Set up a Tell-A-Friend system on your website to watchrepparttar 134804 number and quality of your visitors improve without raising a finger.

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5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Website

Written by Craig Hardee

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5) Keep your site updated. That involves making sure allrepparttar links work, and changing things around every so often to keep your look updated and fresh.

There you go, five ways to improve your website. Excuse me, I have to go follow my own advice!

Craig Hardee is the webmaster of http//, Your Internet Multiplex, spotlighting the resources you need to make your time online fulfilling, profitable and fun. He also struggles to follow his own advice!

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