How to Get Relief during the Fall Allergy Season

Written by Harold Miller

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•Use Your Air Conditioner - Turning on your air conditioner provides relief by cleaning, cooling and dryingrepparttar air in your home. Dehumidifiers or air filters will also help in these situations. •Use Air Ionizers& HEPA Filters – These products remove particulates fromrepparttar 150562 air you breathe. •Protect Yourself - If it is necessary for you to go outside to do yard work (or for other reasons), protect yourself by wearing a mask or a cover-up of some sort to keep you from breathing inrepparttar 150563 “contaminated air”. •Take Showers and Baths - If you are outdoors for extended periods of time, take either a shower or a bath when you return home. Showers and baths will wash away some ofrepparttar 150564 pollen that is left on your body. Changing your clothes when you come in from being outside is also a good idea.

If none of these things work for you and you find yourself suffering from allergy symptoms anyway, there are treatments which can help. Nasal Sprays, oral antihistamines and decongestants are all great for allergy relief. For itchy and watery eyes there are many forms of eye drops like Visine which you can purchase at any drugstore.

Immunotherapy (an allergy shot) is also a great way to help with your allergies this season. Check with your doctor before using any medications or treatments since some can potentially cause harmful side effects.

Harold Miller used to suffer from allergies until he took it upon himself to get educated. While Harold still has the occasional bout, he has learned many ways to improve his allergies and as a result enjoys serving as a contributing editor at – a site dedicated to providing information on air purifiers.

Guidant Pacemaker Recall

Written by T.Going

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Because of this critical failure Guidant recommends that doctors use their discretion in dealing withrepparttar unique needs of patients and to consider replacing these devices in patients who depend on them. Some of they symptoms indicating your pacemaker might be malfunctioning include shortness of breath, dizziness, lightheadedness and prolonged fast heart rate.

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To learn more about the Guidant Pacemaker Recall or the Guidant Defibrillator Recall please visit

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