How to Get FREE Major Search Engine/Directory Listings

Written by Edward Gause

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[NOTE: YaHoo lists results AFTER listing pages in its own directory first. You can do a search for your site without viewing all their results by searchingrepparttar "Web Page" category.]

Before submitting to ODP, be sure and readrepparttar 125058 instructions to make sure your web page meets their criteria.

To submit your site torepparttar 125059 ODP, follow this link:

Next, submit your site to Lycos. By adding your site here, you also get a free listing on HotBot.

To submit your site to Lycos, follow this link:

Another popular search engine is AllTheWeb,repparttar 125060 world's largest search engine. This search engine also usesrepparttar 125061 ODP for search results.

To get listed on AllTheWeb:

And finally, to get listed on AltaVista follow this link:

There you have it? Wait about 4-6 weeks and do a search onrepparttar 125062 key words you chose and you should find your site listed somewhere on each ofrepparttar 125063 above search engines/directories.

I did this sometime ago for my site with my primary keywords being "internet marketing tips" and here arerepparttar 125064 results:

AllTheWeb: #13 AltaVista: #5 AOLSearch: #5 Excite: #3 Google: #6 HotBot: #4 Lycos: #13 ODP: #29 WebCrawler: #3 YaHoo: #6 (After their web site matches)

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How to Kick Start your Website Traffic

Written by Anil Khatri

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To use this type of system, you must have your own webpage or a website asrepparttar code has to be installed.

(2) Startpage: This is easy to use and there is no code to install in your website, though upon signing up, you will need to set a special startpage url as your browser homepage.

Once this is done, whenever you open your browser, you will be redirected to some member's url. Other members will view your url similarly.

To use this type of system, you need not have your own webpage or a website as there is no code to be installed.

(3) Surf for Hits: This isrepparttar 125057 easiest to use and there is no code or url to install/set anywhere.

Upon signing up, all you need to do is start visiting other members' websites throughrepparttar 125058 system itself. Other members will visit your website similarly.

Usuallyrepparttar 125059 minimum required time period of a visit is 20 seconds though some networks require as less as 10 seconds and some require over 30 seconds. My personal opinion is, anything between 20 - 30 seconds is good and reasonable.

To use this type of system, you need not have your own webpage or a website as there is no code to be installed.

You must keep these things in mind before and while using these kinds of systems. As soon as a visitor arrives at your website, you just have a few seconds in which to present your product/service to that visitor. Your website must have a proper content and layout to getrepparttar 125060 visitor interested in seeing more of it.

Also, do remember to make your webpage fast loading. One way to achieve this is to cut down on unnecessary graphics/banners. Use text links instead.

The proper use of such systems can bring instant traffic to your website and thus help in kick starting it.

----------------------------------------------------------- Written by Anil Khatri, Web Developer & Creator of FreeHits2000.Com

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