How to Get FLASH Indexed in the Search Engines

Written by Robin Nobles

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"This flash movie was made transparent so you may seerepparttar effects of putting text behind flash. Using Dynamic HTML, you can absolutely position a flash object right over top of your existing html code. Search engines see copy and text while visitors see your dynamic flash movie."

To see Dave's example, visitrepparttar 128161 complete article found atrepparttar 128162 below URL, and look for "Flash Sample." Once there, click anywhere inrepparttar 128163 browser window, hold down CTRL and hit "A" on your keyboard (Ctrl+A = highlight all) to see how this sample FLASH movie would otherwise "hide"repparttar 128164 text wererepparttar 128165 FLASH not transparent.

(To viewrepparttar 128166 Flash Sample, visit this article online at

Dave was kind enough to share with usrepparttar 128167 source code he used to createrepparttar 128168 effect, which can also be foundrepparttar 128169 above URL.

It should be noted this effect works only in browsers that support HTML version 4.0 or greater. This is only a minor concern, however, asrepparttar 128170 vast majority of browsers that are being used today are compatible.

Yes, but willrepparttar 128171 Search Engines toleraterepparttar 128172 "trick"?

Obviouslyrepparttar 128173 most pressing question is whether or notrepparttar 128174 search engines will accept, or reject, pages that make use of this strategy. After all,repparttar 128175 possibility of layering irrelevant content under, or even entirely offrepparttar 128176 page (by assigning minus positioning coordinates) is a distinct possibility.

To anticipate howrepparttar 128177 search engines might view this strategy, once again, we considerrepparttar 128178 issues of "intention" and "relevancy."

Perhaps Stephen Baker, Director of Business Development and Marketing at FAST, said it best when he remarked, "Our position is pretty straight's notrepparttar 128179 technique that we are concerned about, it'srepparttar 128180 intention. If we indexrepparttar 128181 text in Z- Order and CSS and it's relevant torepparttar 128182 content, then we're all happy. But, as you know, we do have internal systems that trip wires all ofrepparttar 128183 time. If a particular technique becomes heavily abused over time, we'll definitely stop indexing information through said technique."

As we've said countless times before, certain legitimate Web site enhancements, like FLASH, frames, dynamic content, etc., are a nightmare forrepparttar 128184 engines to index. They simply have never done a very good job on complicated HTML page, and FLASH poses, perhaps,repparttar 128185 greatest indexing challenge of them all.

Regardless, sites that use these upscale tools have as much right to be found as any others within their selected keyword categories. Projecting a professional image to your potential customers is important, and using Z Order within your CSS gives enables you to obtain that professional image without sacrificing search engine findability.

Robin Nobles, Director of Training, Academy of Web Specialists, has trained several thousand people in her online search engine marketing ( training programs. Visit the Academy's training site to learn more about their online search engine marketing training ( and search engine optimization (

Deep Submission: Submitting the inner pages of your web site

Written by Donald Nelson

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The first thing that I did was to redesign my navigation system to take advantage of this traffic and make sure that those who entered throughrepparttar back door would visitrepparttar 128160 important departments ofrepparttar 128161 magazine. I also put a newsletter sign-up form on allrepparttar 128162 inner pages, and to this day these pages are bringing in a steady stream of subscribers torepparttar 128163 magazine’s e-mail bulletin. The next thing I did was to make sure thatrepparttar 128164 inner pages had proper meta tags, and finally I did a deep submission ofrepparttar 128165 whole site.

What is a deep submission and why is it necessary? When you submitrepparttar 128166 main page of your site to a search engine,repparttar 128167 search engine sends a “spider” to look at your page and putrepparttar 128168 data on that page inrepparttar 128169 search engines index. Sometimesrepparttar 128170 spider will followrepparttar 128171 links on your main page and also pick up some ofrepparttar 128172 inner pages (Google, for example is very good at this) but sometimes they don’t go deep enough intorepparttar 128173 site and only one or two of your pages are indexed. To getrepparttar 128174 other pages indexed you have to submit them all separately, just as if they were other web sites. However, if you have 100 pages you can’t submit them onrepparttar 128175 same day to one search engine. That would be regarded as spamming. If you submit one url per day per search engine you will not get into any problems.

So, think about your site more deeply. Your inner pages are mini-websites and if prepared and promoted properly they could increase your traffic and your sales dramatically.

Donald Nelson is a web developer, editor and social worker. He has been promoting web sites since 1995 and now runs A1-Optimization ( a company that provides low-cost search engine optimization and submission services. He can be reached at

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