How to Get FLASH Indexed by the Search Engines

Written by Robin Nobles

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To better illustrate how this might look, we enlistedrepparttar help of Web designer Dave Barry of SmartCertify Direct -- Dave was kind enough to create an example site employing a transparent FLASH movie to help us visualizerepparttar 128355 effect. As Dave explains...

"This flash movie was made transparent so you may seerepparttar 128356 effects of putting text behind flash. Using Dynamic HTML, you can absolutely position a flash object right over top of your existing html code. Search engines see copy and text while visitors see your dynamic flash movie."

To see Dave's example, visitrepparttar 128357 complete article found atrepparttar 128358 below URL, and look for "Flash Sample." Once there, click anywhere inrepparttar 128359 browser window, hold down CTRL and hit "A" on your keyboard (Ctrl+A = highlight all) to see how this sample FLASH movie would otherwise "hide"repparttar 128360 text wererepparttar 128361 FLASH not transparent.

(To viewrepparttar 128362 Flash Sample, visit this article online at

Dave was kind enough to share with usrepparttar 128363 source code he used to createrepparttar 128364 effect, which can also be foundrepparttar 128365 above URL.

It should be noted this effect works only in browsers that support HTML version 4.0 or greater. This is only a minor concern, however, asrepparttar 128366 vast majority of browsers that are being used today are compatible.

Yes, but willrepparttar 128367 Search Engines toleraterepparttar 128368 "trick"?

Obviouslyrepparttar 128369 most pressing question is whether or notrepparttar 128370 search engines will accept, or reject, pages that make use of this strategy. After all,repparttar 128371 possibility of layering irrelevant content under, or even entirely offrepparttar 128372 page (by assigning minus positioning coordinates) is a distinct possibility.

To anticipate howrepparttar 128373 search engines might view this strategy, once again, we considerrepparttar 128374 issues of "intention" and "relevancy."

Perhaps Stephen Baker, Director of Business Development and Marketing at FAST, said it best when he remarked, "Our position is pretty straight's notrepparttar 128375 technique that we are concerned about, it'srepparttar 128376 intention. If we indexrepparttar 128377 text in Z- Order and CSS and it's relevant torepparttar 128378 content, then we're all happy. But, as you know, we do have internal systems that trip wires all ofrepparttar 128379 time. If a particular technique becomes heavily abused over time, we'll definitely stop indexing information through said technique."

As we've said countless times before, certain legitimate Web site enhancements, like FLASH, frames, dynamic content, etc., are a nightmare forrepparttar 128380 engines to index. They simply have never done a very good job on complicated HTML page, and FLASH poses, perhaps,repparttar 128381 greatest indexing challenge of them all.

Regardless, sites that use these upscale tools have as much right to be found as any others within their selected keyword categories. Projecting a professional image to your potential customers is important, and using Z Order within your CSS gives enables you to obtain that professional image without sacrificing search engine findability.

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Robin Nobles, Director of Training, Academy of Web Specialists, has trained several thousand people in her online search engine marketing ( training programs. She also teaches 3-day hands-on search engine marketing workshops in locations across the globe with Search Engine Workshops (

Add 500 Targeted Keywords to Your Site in Three Minutes

Written by Bill Platt

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In a recent study by Yahoo, most site visitors are looking for information of some kind when they go to a site. By creating repparttar kind of information for your site in an easygoing article style that your visitors want, you can significantly increase both traffic and user time on your site.

While your site does already contain these keywords in your sales copy, it should be noted that providing free information for your visitors isrepparttar 128354 ideal way to attract new visitors and to strengthenrepparttar 128355 positioning of your website inrepparttar 128356 Spider's databases.

When you do not haverepparttar 128357 time or creativity to provide that information on your own, you could realistically tap intorepparttar 128358 free-reprint market to attainrepparttar 128359 content you want and need. To browse what may be available to you inrepparttar 128360 free-reprint market, you can browserepparttar 128361 archives at:


Here you will find over 800 articles available for your use.

The only drawback of using content created by another forrepparttar 128362 free-reprint market is thatrepparttar 128363 terms for using these articles is to set up a hyperlink torepparttar 128364 website ofrepparttar 128365 author as given inrepparttar 128366 resource box attached torepparttar 128367 article. The resource box serves as a small advertisement for author ofrepparttar 128368 article which must appear with all articles used. This is actually a small price to pay for getting high quality content for you to use on your website without cost.

If you feel that printing someone else's resource box is simply too high of a price to pay in order to provide content to your visitors and keywords forrepparttar 128369 Spider search engines, then you should strike out on your own to develop your own content in this format.

However you cut it, any article placed on your website will generate 300 to 500 specialized keywords to feedrepparttar 128370 Spider databases. In turn, as time progresses, you will discover more and more people flocking to your website fromrepparttar 128371 Spider search engines.

That is what you want isn't it? Traffic that can be turned into sales? Of course it is.

The time has come to start developing your website to take advantage ofrepparttar 128372 power ofrepparttar 128373 Spider search engines.

Bill Platt owns The Phantom Writers, a company committed to helping people to establish an Internet presence & promote their businesses through the use of Free-Reprint Articles. Through June 1st, 2002, you can save up to 75% on our normal prices. All articles will be distributed to 6,500 publishers and webmasters as part of the package.,26

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