How to Format Your Email Newsletter

Written by Robert F. Abbott

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And, it may seem obvious, but if you send out a text email newsletter, separaterepparttar paragraphs with double returns. Don’t try to use tabs or spaces to set off a new paragraph - in many casesrepparttar 138858 formatting will go astray and your readers won’t know you’re starting a new paragraph.

If your original document doesn’t use double returns, you can change it over quickly and easily, using our old friend,repparttar 138859 Find & Replace function in your word processing program. Put one return symbol inrepparttar 138860 Find field, two inrepparttar 138861 Replace field, and hit Change All (or whatever your program uses for these terms).

One thing you can generally ignore isrepparttar 138862 font or typeface (unless, as noted you’re setting line lengths). Many readers will set their email programs to display all text messages in a font of their choosing, and likely won’t seerepparttar 138863 font you use anyway.

After drafting your newsletter, email a copy to yourself before sending it to your list. Even better, send it from one program and receive it with another. If you’re like me, you’ll be surprised atrepparttar 138864 problems that pop out when you do this. Not only content, but also formatting and links may look different, and you’ll likely find errors that were not at all obvious inrepparttar 138865 original version.

While we’re on this subject, don’t forget to testrepparttar 138866 links you place. Click on each one to make sure it takes you where you want it to send your readers.

Summing up, be conscious of your formatting techniques when you create a text newsletter. A little bit of extra attention will keeprepparttar 138867 text itself from getting inrepparttar 138868 way of your message.

Robert F. Abbott, the author of A Manager’s Guide to Newsletters: Communicating for Results, writes and publishes Abbott’s Communication Letter. Read more articles about Internet communication, as well as email and printed newsletters at:

What Can AutoResponders Do That Will Save Me Hundreds Of Hours?

Written by James Mann

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Think globally because we are not dealing withrepparttar folks in our town any more. We are dealing with time zones all around our little planet.

I live onrepparttar 138811 east coast of Canada. I could be going to bed as you are getting up. Byrepparttar 138812 time you have had your first couple of coffees I will be fast asleep. Dreaming about fishing.

You come across one of my websites on your journey online and email me asking for more information.

Would you rather get an immediate or automated response that gave yourepparttar 138813 exact answers you are looking for or would you prefer to getrepparttar 138814 personal touch even though it means you might have to wait a day or two before you getrepparttar 138815 answer?

Well personally I want an immediate response. If I need something more that what I would receive automatically then I would seek out another email address or means of communicating with you.

Most people forget they even asked for info if they have to wait. Byrepparttar 138816 time they get a response they have already gone elsewhere and perhaps even made a purchase there. ---------------------------------------------- James Mann iNET Strategies Inc. Learnrepparttar 138817 power of automating your response to requests by using autoresponders.

James Mann has been a computer & software consultant since 1987. He has also been a certified computer instructor for the past 17 years.

James is the webmaster for many clients and of course for his own websites.

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