How to Forgive Someone

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Finally, there’s that last part. This is where most of us have trouble. This is also where we have to weigh our duties, and choose what’s most important. Here are a few questions to help you sort it out: •Does it involve someone under your protection? I’m talking mainly to parents. Our children obviously come first, and we’re never obligated to put them in danger. •Does it involve a sexual violation? I don’t have to go into this. If someone isn’t treating your body like a Temple of Christ, then stay away from them. •Does it involve injury? The big question here is ‘How much’? A school boy shouldn’t offer himself out torepparttar wedgie bully, but a pop inrepparttar 145374 arm is usually more a matter of humiliation than personal injury. If your body is being harmed by someone, you have a right to stop them…but again, Christ didn’t. Also, consider how likelyrepparttar 145375 person is to harm you again. If it was a one-time event, you should let go. On a side note: Repeated domestic violence has several victims, especially children. And track records show that very few offenders ‘only strike once.’ If you’re trying to figure out whether or not to leave such a situation, stoop thinking and get out. •Does it involve personal property? Who’s property? If you’re raising a family, you can’t risk everything and ignore their needs. But ask yourself ifrepparttar 145376 amount stolen or damaged property is worthrepparttar 145377 hassle of never trusting someone again. •Does it involve your good name? Hunker down and forget about it. The truth will set you free. Lies hurtrepparttar 145378 liar more than anyone else. If it’srepparttar 145379 truth, then just be more careful of what you say…but don’t withhold something begrudgingly.

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Love Them Into the Church

Written by Jessica Gerald (Pen Name)

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This has made me very aware of how I treat people. After all, Christ came to save sinners. He came forrepparttar sick, notrepparttar 145373 well. If we turn awayrepparttar 145374 very people who need him, what a terrible eternal consequence that could have!

So when I see people coming to church, or anywhere for that matter, I try to treat themrepparttar 145375 way I would want my own sons to be treated. I want to act in love, not rejection.

My mother was right when she always said, "We have to love people intorepparttar 145376 church."


Dear Lord,

Remind us thatrepparttar 145377 very essence of your character is love. Please fill us with your love, so that it becomesrepparttar 145378 essence of our character, too. May we demonstrate your love to others so that they will be drawn to you, not repulsed by Christianity.

Jessica Gerald is a Christian wife, mother of two sons, and an elementary schoolteacher of thirty years. Her website is Ladies Ministry Online.

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