How to Focus on Your Internet Business

Written by Brian Moore

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Next I read my ezines. Ezines are my primary source of knowledge about online business. Everything I can buy about business is there someplace inrepparttar world of ezines, so I don't just skim them to see if my free ads got posted and trash them.

I read and filerepparttar 102123 articles by category. They become my ezine encyclopedia. I noticerepparttar 102124 editors' notes and look at their disclaimers, warranty policies, and subscribe/unsubscribe links.

Next on my agenda is to study my affiliate materials. Since my affiliate programs go together with my own endeavors, I learn daily from going torepparttar 102125 links in them.

Your daily routine will vary from mine according to your individual needs. However, from your daily routine, you should develop your weekly habits. My weekly objectives are to write an ezine article, publish my ezine, and improve my web site.

If you find yourself drifting away from your objectives, don't panic, but try to work your way back on track. Be flexible about interruptions and allow for problems. This is a complicated life we lead. Why would your business be less so?

Give up computer time to your spouse and children. One of your business goals should be to buy a computer just forrepparttar 102126 business, but for now, please share.

Review your daily and weekly accomplishments. Evaluate every task and step. Develop a to-do list and check offrepparttar 102127 items you complete. Start to-do lists for tomorrow and next week. Adjust your routines according torepparttar 102128 quality of your accomplishments. If you're spinning you're wheels, admit it and move on.

Last but not least, take time off. Not as a reward, but as part of your routine. Schedule a cool-down time atrepparttar 102129 end of every online session.

Take one or two entire days off per week. Spend time with your family. Forget about your business untilrepparttar 102130 next day. Obsession can be a crippling force in your business. Don't let it overtake yours.

Please heedrepparttar 102131 advice you've just read. Your family, whom you must live with, and your boss, whom you can't say goodbye to just yet, will thank you for it.

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Take Control of Your Time and Take Control of Your Life

Written by Archie R. Lawhorne

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this to ensure that you concentrate as much of your effort as possible onrepparttar high payoff tasks. Use travel time wisely. It's easy to overlook time spent traveling in your assessment of time management. Consider carefully whether this is time that you could use more productively. For example, if you opted to takerepparttar 102122 bus or train to work, would this provide an opportunity to make better use of your commute time? Or if you do drive, are you listening to educational or motivational tapes (rather thanrepparttar 102123 Top 40) which could help improve your skills and make you a more productive and well-rounded person? Develop action plans. An action plan is a brief list of tasks that you have to complete to achieve an objective. It differs from a "To Do" list in that it focuses onrepparttar 102124 achievement of a goal, (andrepparttar 102125 specific steps to get there) rather than just onrepparttar 102126 goals to be achieved in a period of time. Whenever you want to achieve something, drawing up an action plan allows you to concentrate on repparttar 102127 stages of that achievement, and monitor your progress towards that realization. Respond quickly. For example, take care of your mail as you receive it. Don't let those bills and letters pile up on you. If you're unable to respond to a letter immediately, file it in a special place that's visible, and note onrepparttar 102128 enveloperepparttar 102129 required action and date you intend to resolve it. When possible, act on requests repparttar 102130 same day you receive them. Don't let your computer, your desk or your mind become clogged with useless things. Be Decisive. Learn to say no to people. Your time is important, so don't let other people impose or use you to compensate for their poor planning. Eliminate distractions as much as possible. Close your door, turn offrepparttar 102131 ringer on your phone or simply ask not to be disturbed. Schedule time to relax. When you're organizing your time and your business, make sure to set aside some time for relaxation. If you plan for it in advance, it's less likely to come up spontaneously and distract you from other tasks. (No, sitting at your computer with a mouse under your hand does not qualify as relaxing). Your first step toward better time management is to take stock ofrepparttar 102132 time you waste each day and from there, reorganize your activities to maximize every minute. (Essentially, it boils down to exercising better self control - it's simple, but not easy). Above all, stick to your plan. Your schedule will work only as well as you commit to it. Keep it with you everywhere you go and refer to it often. By following these tips, you'll create more space to be, do and have more in your life. Best of all, you'll approach life in a more proactive and intentional manner.

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