How to Find the Right Host for Your Web Site

Written by Andrew LaPointe

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How Much Technical Support do you Need? Do you need 24/7 live technical support or do you only work on your website during business hours? If you only work on your site during business hours, you probably don't need 24/7 technical support, so why pay for it. However, you need to determine how much on-demand support you need for your site.

What Features are Included? Does your hosting package support e-commerce, multi-media, database, etc? These type of features should be included in evenrepparttar basic of packages. If these are not, look elsewhere.

Make surerepparttar 134449 ownership of your domain remains in your name. Some hosting companies place their name inrepparttar 134450 Administration and Technical Support ofrepparttar 134451 domain registration. Queryrepparttar 134452 database ( to ensure your name is recorded in these positions. Ifrepparttar 134453 hosting company is listed, contact them and have it changed. If they refuse, transfer your business to another hosting company.

What isrepparttar 134454 Attitude ofrepparttar 134455 Employees? Isrepparttar 134456 telephone answered in a friendly and courteous manner? Isrepparttar 134457 technical support department helpful? These arerepparttar 134458 people you will be dealing with for many years to come. Make sure it is a pleasurable experience.

Make sure to answerrepparttar 134459 proceeding six questions before you select a company to host your website. Remember,repparttar 134460 web is global, just because you live in a certain city, doesn't matter you should host your site with a local company. If a local hosting company doesn't provide quality customer service, high-quality hosting and competitive pricing, it is very simple to locate a company that does provide exactly what you need.

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How To Choose Your Web Host

Written by Said Rouhani

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6. "What features do you offer?"

You MUST be provided with a CGI directory for your scripts. Also, PHP capability is becoming more and more important. Of course, you wantrepparttar obvious features such as POP email accounts, email aliases, autoresponders (very important) and access to log files. For a full list of features you should demand from your Web host, click onrepparttar 134448 link below:

7. "How much data transfer am I allowed per month?"

Unless you're going to purchase a dedicated server, you'll be limited torepparttar 134449 amount of traffic you can drive to your Web site per month. Don't worry however, as you'll be offered more than enough transfer for a small-medium site. And if you get so much traffic that you exceedrepparttar 134450 transfer quota, well then that's a good thing! For it means you can make more money, and so can afford to upgrade to a more powerful server. A quota of 3GB of monthly transfer should be enough to begin with.

Note that I haven't mentioned price anywhere above. This is because:

ONE: You'll find prices published onrepparttar 134451 sites of Web hosts. No need to ask for them.

TWO: Good Web hosts are more expensive. You get what you pay for when it comes to Web hosting. A basic package of around $30 per month is a good price for a good host.

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