How to File a claim for Celebrex injury

Written by Jefferson Highway, General Counsel

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If you want to know whether you can file a claim againstrepparttar makers of Celebrex, you need to ask yourself 3 questions. Firstly, did you take Celebrex? Most good lawyers (a full list can be found on will also accept cases where you have been taking other COX-2 inhibitors, (e.g.Vioxx or Bextra). You need to be able to show when you started and stopped taking Celebrex, andrepparttar 105603 dosage you were prescribed.

The second question is did you take Celebrex regularly? Regular Celebrex use is said to be linked to a much higher risk of stroke, heart attack, and other serious injuries because you will have simply had more ofrepparttar 105604 drug in your system.

The third question is did you suffer an injury while taking Celebrex or after taking it? If you suffered a heart attack, stroke, or other heart problem (requiring hospitalization or surgery), you may have an excellent chance of filing a successful claim. You need to be able to say what kind of injury you suffered (a stroke, heart attack, blood clots etc.), whenrepparttar 105605 injury happened, and if you were on Celebrex atrepparttar 105606 time ofrepparttar 105607 injury.

If you can answer all 3 questions successfully, you need a lawyer now.

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