How to Ease Travel Sickness this Summer

Written by Nigel West

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There are also a few things you can do to reducerepparttar sensation of motion sickness, even when it has started. 1) Move torepparttar 148125 point of least movement. Try and sit inrepparttar 148126 centre ofrepparttar 148127 plane or inrepparttar 148128 middle ofrepparttar 148129 boat. On boats it often helps to lie down, although it might feel likerepparttar 148130 last thing you want to do. 2) Sit facing forward. 3) Look atrepparttar 148131 distant scenery. 4) Get some fresh air, but keep warm. 5) Avoid talking but try not think about your motion sickness. 6) Move gently, donít stand up or move suddenly.

Sometimesrepparttar 148132 preventatives don't work, so, particularly with children in your nice clean car, it's worth being prepared. Having been car sick into my grandmother's hat at a young age, as a child I was used to travelling with a quite frankly grotesque pink potty. Whilst this would catchrepparttar 148133 offending substance, it didn't contain it particularly well, meaning having to stoprepparttar 148134 car to removerepparttar 148135 contents and smell.

This wasn't too difficult inrepparttar 148136 60s and 70s, but with so much traffic now it's not always easy or safe to do. Plastic shopping bags offer little help. Designed to just about hold together forrepparttar 148137 trip home, they have holes in them, which prevent suffocation but reducerepparttar 148138 ability to hold liquid. Another favourite, ice cream tubs work better thanrepparttar 148139 pink potty, but rely onrepparttar 148140 child to getrepparttar 148141 lid on without spilling. Unfortunately they are wide but not very deep making spillage a distinct possibility. The best option isrepparttar 148142 sick bag, as used by airlines and ferries for many years. Sick bags work brilliantly. They are simple for children to use, they are deep so reduce spillage andrepparttar 148143 top can be rolled down, retainingrepparttar 148144 contents andrepparttar 148145 smell. Some sick bags have a clip securingrepparttar 148146 rolled down top and a flat bottom, meaning they can stand up onrepparttar 148147 floor ofrepparttar 148148 car, further reducingrepparttar 148149 risk of spillage.

As companies fight to bring costs of air and ferry travel down sick bags are handed out almost on an as needed basis. The days of accumulating a stock of sick bags from an air flight seem to be over.

Nigel West - having had car sick children and frustrated with not being able to find sick bags in the shops, Nigel and his wife set up Chuckie Bags, offering sick bags in small quantities to families with car sick children, and other sufferers of motion sickness, morning sickness and sudden nausea. Top quality sick bags can be bought online at

Magbility - expert help for the newly disabled

Written by malcolm james pugh

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Magbility offer a full range of scooters to meet all your needs. Do you want a small compact boot scooter, that folds away in seconds to fit inrepparttar boot of your car. Or maybe our midi range would suit your needs offering something a bit more robust and comfortable, but that will still fold away in you car boot. Atrepparttar 148069 top ofrepparttar 148070 range we have our best sellerrepparttar 148071 Invacare Auriga, truly a road performance scooter, andrepparttar 148072 Strider Maxi, with a very stylish design and a range of 30 miles and many accessories. Phone us today and get our expert, impartial advice on which scooter would best suit your needs. Magbility provides allrepparttar 148073 necessary daily living aids that make life so much easier forrepparttar 148074 elderly and infirm. From simple items like easy to use can openers and bendable cutlery, through walking aid products like sticks and tri-walker shopping bags, to a comprehensive range of wheelchairs and allrepparttar 148075 accessories to go with them. We have a wide range of beds, pillows and cushions designed to make your life more comfortable. Please call and discuss your specific needs with our expert, friendly staff today. For more information click this link

aged 53. retired ex systems programmer trying to help others out now.

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