How to Earn $60,000+ a Year with Permission Email Marketing

Written by Jodi Hans-McMillan

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As I mentioned above, when you gain your subscribers' TRUST, they will buy from you over and over again. What's more, they will buy from you even if your price is higher than any of your competitors.

The best way to build trust is simply to Stay In Touch with your subscribers. Trust is gained by consistently CULTIVATING them. In advertising circles this is called REACH and FREQUENCY.

For example, if you hear a song played over and over again on repparttar radio (Reach) enough times (Frequency), sooner or later you're going to wind up whistling that tune while at work and getting so caught up in it, that you will go out and purchase repparttar 127285 tape or CD, and, this action being repeated by thousands of others,repparttar 127286 artist will have a hit.

The radio allowedrepparttar 127287 recording artist to REACH you;repparttar 127288 number of timesrepparttar 127289 disc jockey playedrepparttar 127290 song createdrepparttar 127291 FREQUENCY.

As a permission email marketer, you can REACH your opt-in email list audience for free, as FREQUENTLY as you wish, simply by broadcasting an email with desirable information to them once or twice a week.

Quiz #1: What do you get when your subscribers hear from you consistently? Ans: TRUST!

Quiz #2: What do you get when your subscribers TRUST you? Ans: ...SALES! SALES! ...and more SALES!

Let me give you a real world example of how I used Reach and Frequency to earn a substantial income as a Permission Email Marketer starting with only 48 people on my email list.


I emailed a newsletter twice a week loaded with useful tips and valuable information. This is how I CULTIVATEDrepparttar 127292 list to gain recognition and TRUST.

These 48 individuals purchased virtually EVERY new product I offered them...

I made, on average, 2 offers per month and usually earned around $30 per sale on these offers.

48 people X $30 = $1440 per mailing X 2 mailings per month = $2880 a month just from a list of 48 people.

That's over $34,560 in a year's time.

So what have we learned so far...

STOP STRUGGLING to sell products to strangers onrepparttar 127293 internet.

BUILD A RELATIONSHIP with an opt-in email list by offering subscribers something of real value--free of charge.

OFFER DESIRABLE PRODUCTS to your subscribers and kiss your day job good-bye.

By completingrepparttar 127294 steps outlined below you'll be on your way to quickly becoming a professional, email marketer and a full-time, online income will be well within your reach.


A cultivated opt-in list is your key to earning an income as a professional, permission email marketer. Building your own opt-in, email list can take months or even years and cost you literally thousands of well spent dollars.

However, throughrepparttar 127295 wonders of modern technology, I will introduce you to an amazing short-cut that will make acquiring your own Pre-Cultivated, opt-in email list an overnight process.

Additionally, you'll get FREE ACCESS to my Professionally, Pre-written Newsletter to continuerepparttar 127296 ongoing cultivation of your opt-in email list. PLUS- free access to high-demand products.

I will show you how to broadcastrepparttar 127297 newsletter once or twice a week. You will learn how to endorse one or more ofrepparttar 127298 high-end products insiderepparttar 127299 newsletter.

The pre-cultivated, opt-in email list,repparttar 127300 pre-written Newsletter and high-end products are designed to create an EASY SELL.

As noted above, if only 20% ofrepparttar 127301 people on a 1,000 subscriber, opt-in email list make $300 worth of purchases in a year, your income could be $60,000, or $5,000 per month.

If you have 2,000 subscribers on your list you'd be looking at $120,000 per year...4,000 subscribers could mean as much as $240,000 annually!

Your first goal as a professional, "Permission Email Marketer" must be to build your opt-in email lists to 1,000 subscribers. Acquiring 1,000 subscribers MUST be your driving objective if you truly desire to make real money onrepparttar 127302 internet.


I am well aware this email will get passed around to friends and relatives. I am Very Serious about letting only 50 people into this program. Shortly you will see why.

So be advised: You will have only yourself to blame if you are locked out after my initial 50 member quota is reached.

Below you will find a very special URL. By clicking onrepparttar 127303 Link you will be whisked away to my private web site where you will see...

**How To Get A 1,000 to 3,000+ Opt-In, opt-in email list virtually overnight.

**How To Get My Free, Pre-written, Tips Newsletter, along with free software and instructions on how to broadcastrepparttar 127304 Newsletter to continue CULTIVATING your subscribers' TRUST.

**How to get high-demand, free products to endorse to your opt-in email list.

**PLUS learn exactly how to put it all together and begin earning money...!

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All My Best

Jodi Hans-McMillan


Written by Bob McElwain

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If for a moment you doubtrepparttar need for accentingrepparttar 127284 positives and ignoring anything your visitors might construe as negatives, consider puttingrepparttar 127285 above two sentences about cats on your site. Those who argue thatrepparttar 127286 "real you" in all it's parts should be visible at all times, should also try this.

It matters what we remain true to ourselves. But we must share only positive traits our visitors can relate to. We must accentrepparttar 127287 strengths in our life that enhance our business efforts, and avoid all else.

Utilizing Your New Self

Be professional in all ways. Always be upbeat and positive. No negatives are allowed. Ever. Gorepparttar 127288 extra mile when appropriate. And never ever break promises.

Never misrepresent yourself or your product. Never even exaggerate. In fact if you consistently undersell, you will always over-deliver which of itself assures satisfied customers likely to return for another purchase.

Take honesty to a grand extreme. Never even consider ducking a customer complaint or a request for a refund. Never ever mislead or take advantage of a visitor.

Good news gets about. And news of an honest site will as well. But news of a site perceived as dishonest spreads 10 to 20 times as rapidly. Frankly, few can afford this risk.

Honesty matters even more in what you say on your site. It matters most when seeking to demonstrate expertise. Include only information you know to be so and arguments you know to be sound.

If you haven't gotrepparttar 127289 information or argument needed as you write, say so boldly. Your readers will accept a simple, "I'm not sure here, but it seems ..." If it's a point that matters, go findrepparttar 127290 facts, then rewrite this segment later.

Sure, you'll make mistakes. You'll be flat wrong now and then, despite best efforts. But most will not hold you pinned torepparttar 127291 standard of perfection. A quick admission of error and a simple apology (Sorry, I goofed here.) are quite acceptable to most, provided all else is straight.

However, there is no way at all to "cover" or "apologize" for stated views with which your visitors disagree. You may in fact truly hate kids. But say so on your site, and you'll lose an awful lot of moms and grandmoms. Pops and grandpops, too. There are not a whole lot left when you subtract those who like kids fromrepparttar 127292 general population.

While you may feel you are not being completely honest unless you share all your convictions, your social views are not what your visitors came to your site to discover. Sharerepparttar 127293 expertise they need, do so completely and honestly, then quit while you're ahead.

Bob McElwain, author of "Your Path To Success" and "Secrets To A Really Successful Website." For info, see Get ANSWERS. Subscribe to "STAT News" now!

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