How to Dowse or Water Witch

Written by Stephanie Yeh

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To find underground water with a pendulum, here's a quick lesson fromrepparttar American Society of Dowsers.

"The dowser usually seeks flowing underground veins suitable for drilling and pumping. The veins can be large and deep or small and shallow. You can discriminate by focusing on a need, real or imaginary . Ask mentally, either successively or all at once, for a 'vein of good drinking water, less than twenty feet in depth, which will flow uninterrupted atrepparttar 122284 rate of 5 gallons a minute or more.' Thus when you receive a reaction, you will know that it is not a pipe, a polluted vein or a source that might otherwise be too deep or seasonally unreliable forrepparttar 122285 purpose at hand. Whenrepparttar 122286 dowsing reaction takes place, markrepparttar 122287 spot and approach it fromrepparttar 122288 opposite direction. Ifrepparttar 122289 two points do not coincide,repparttar 122290 mid-point between them should berepparttar 122291 center ofrepparttar 122292 vein."

According to Polly, a left-to-right pendulum swing indicates a "no" while a back-and-forth swing (to and away from you) indicates a "yes." As with all magical techniques, practice makes perfect.

Stephanie Yeh, co-founder of the Esoteric School of Shamanism and Magic (, helps clients learn magical and shamanic techniques. Her current project, a free teleconference series on a variety of magickal and shamanic topics with guest speakers, is designed to share information and promote interaction between people of varying spiritual practices.

Dear Suicidal,

Written by Ed Howes

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Years of accumulated pain become an addiction. Pain we never wanted inrepparttar first place becomes an old friend. When things go well for us, we miss this old friend. We feel uncomfortable that something is missing. We can no longer respond to pleasure or enjoy it. We don't quite understand that we are doing this by free choice. We focus on external influence and deny ourselvesrepparttar 122283 very freedom of choice.

We fail to meetrepparttar 122284 expectations of others and don't know what we should expect of ourselves, simply because we don't know who or why we are. When we do know these things,repparttar 122285 expectations of others lose all importance and we become very reasonable about what we expect of ourselves. Allrepparttar 122286 pressure is then removed. Withrepparttar 122287 pressure off, we see everything more clearly, as though a mental, emotional and spiritual fog has lifted from our lives.

Lift your eyes to heaven and give thanks forrepparttar 122288 pain you have known. This will berepparttar 122289 standard against which to measure your pleasure, joy and happiness, once you have found who and why you are.

Some religions deny reincarnation. Some support it. No matter what we personally believe,repparttar 122290 wisest assumption is that reincarnation isrepparttar 122291 case. That you can earn a better or worse life in this one. Numerology will tell you aboutrepparttar 122292 lesson you are now here to learn. If you short circuit this learning process, you will be forced to repeat it as you might a grade in school. When you take matters into your own hands inrepparttar 122293 hope of escaping your pain, instead of learning from it, your circumstances inrepparttar 122294 next life may be far worse than this one, with twicerepparttar 122295 pain and twicerepparttar 122296 struggle. Who would want that?

We are made to think thatrepparttar 122297 beliefs of others belong to us. We defend these beliefs as though they were our very own and hard won. In most cases they were planted in our subconscious by mere suggestion, as a hypnotist might do. Accept them or reject them. It is foolish to fight for or against them. We struggle when we need to simply relax.

We can believe whatever we choose, no matter what others say, which is often NOT what they really believe. Because we can choose whatever we want to believe, we can believe things that cause us pain. We can just as easily believe things that give us pleasure. The natural person seeks pleasure. The confused person chooses pain. If we can only care enough aboutrepparttar 122298 world around us and how we fit, we can end all confusion and totally transform a life that only seems to have so little value. Think of yourself asrepparttar 122299 caterpillar who cannot know a great transformation is inrepparttar 122300 works.

A small book that can be read in a few hours, teaches anyone how to tap into and directrepparttar 122301 power that transforms caterpillars into butterflies, at will. It is titledrepparttar 122302 Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. It was written by Deepak Chopra. Once you have learned who and why you are, this book will show you how to be and do what you choose and what you must. It will show you how to find true happiness. The world would be a far better place if everyone read this book in school. The more we read it and follow its advice,repparttar 122303 more peace and happiness we find within us. Drop me a line when you emerge from your cocoon.

Freelance writer published in newspapers and websites.

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