How to "Disguise" Your Sales Letters Online

Written by Andrew Clacy

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services. Your report essentially becomes your sales letter.Here are some examples of booklets and reports from real businesses: Guarantee Mutual Life came out with "How to ProtectYour Business" U.S. Savings & Loan League came outwith "How to Stretch Your Dollar" National FootballLeague came out with "Official Record Book" AmericanCancer Society came out with "You Can Fight Cancer and Win" You too can create a report that offers realinformation to people while also plugging yourbusiness. Something as short as 400 words (about two typed, double-spaced pages of text) would suffice. Think of how your service benefits people, and then write an article that helps them perform that service for themselves. If you're a web programmer, it might be "5 Ways toProtect your eBooks from Hackers and ‘DownloadTheives’." This is acceptable advertising online. When peopleread your report, they learn solid, helpfulinformation. They don't learn enough to replace you, however. So when they need some programming done on their web site, you arerepparttar person they think of to call!

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Your Article is Being Used Without a Resource Box - What Can You Do?

Written by Francisco Aloy

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Another contact option would be to join their Forum and send them a private message about your concerns. Your initial contact with them should be businesslike and presented in a respectful way. Very important since you don't want to inflame any passions; remember, this is business.

Allrepparttar above should be taken into account before you deciderepparttar 108033 level of response. A lawsuit should be your absolute last consideration. The obvious damage should be great and all other avenues exhausted before you take such action.

Please consider these better options:

(a) If it's not a big deal, ignore it. Why waste your time?

(b) A strong and resolute email will do wonders. Contact their hosting provider and have them enforce your DMCA rights. It's best to deal with stonewalling Webmasters through a third party. Thanks to Armando B. Silva of and Philip Liu of for that one.

(c) Publish all your articles in an eBook format and give reprint rights with free registration. Sellrepparttar 108034 branding rights to Webmasters and let them place their affiliate links. Viral marketing at its best and folks pay you to become your affiliate. I love it! It's win/win/win/win ... Steve Yakim of gave me that creative tip.Thank you, Steve! Great tip!

(d) Publish your article as a Javascript (.js) file and only give Webmasters a line of code that links to it. In that way, you have control and your resource box info will be available. I want to thank Sherice Jacob of for that great tip.

(e) Call your article "Sticky Shareware" and let folks know they can give it away for free but only withrepparttar 108035 included resource box. It's a way of demonstrating how strongly you feel about your article usage; meaning: don't you dare remove my resource box! Thanks to Claire Koch of for that tip.

(f) My personal favorite: Ridicule! Have writers come together and create a website dedicated to showing those individuals as they really are: Unethical drones utterly lacking any creative ability. Create and present awards to repparttar 108036 most blatant offenders. In a few words: Laugh them out of town! The options to deal with unauthorized content use are many. I hope this helps you find your favorite way of dealing with that dreadful problem.

by Francisco Aloy

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