How to Develop Multiple Streams of $100,000+ Home Business Income

Written by Kevin Donlin

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2) Add New Products or Services In addition, you should be offering multiple products or services, to offset any downturn in sales of one orrepparttar other.

Here's an often-overlooked place where you can look to find new product ideas --repparttar 118014 space between your ears.

Reason? You -- like every home business owner -- have a book in your head, waiting to be written. And you don't have to be a "best-writing" author to be a "best-selling" author, as Robert Kiyosaki, author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad," points out.

Example: When David Garfinkel, president of Overnight Marketing, launched his "Killer Copy Tactics" Web site in April of 2000, he netted about $10,000 for his efforts. But all he really did was take existing content and "repurpose" it for sale and use as an ebook.

What do you already sell in your home business that you could also sell as a book ... or ebook, audio tape, video, newsletter, tele-class or live seminar? There really are NO limits here.

It's no secret that almost all $100,000+ home business owners have multiple sources of customers, and offer multiple products and services. So, start setting up _your_ multiple streams of income. When you "recession-proof" your home business this way, you can stop worrying and start living your dreams!

Excerpted from "8 Secrets of $100,000+ Home Businesses," by Kevin Donlin, a what-to-do guide with a built-in "success coach" and a "700 times" guarantee. Available from

Developing Your Work-at-Home 'Scam Radar'

Written by Angela Wu

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One I saw recently claimed thatrepparttar company would find all of your clients for you. You work 4-5 hours a day and make $5000/month.

Let's look atrepparttar 118013 math: Assume you work 5 hours a day, Monday to Friday. That's 25 hours/week or 100 hours/month. At $5000/month, you're making a whopping $50/hour just to type!

This is not at all likely. The company could hire someone locally, pay her a monthly salary that's LESS than that, and have her work a full week.


Above all, legitimate companies are looking for people who can getrepparttar 118014 job done. They tell you what types of skills are required and what your responsibilities would be. Then they ask for your qualifications, a cover letter, a resume, and perhaps references.

Scammers, onrepparttar 118015 other hand, ask for money. So long as you send them your money, you're instantly qualified!


Once again, employers are looking for qualified employees or contractors. They're *not* looking for "telecommuters". However, one ofrepparttar 118016 job "perks" may be an option to work from home.

A headline that screams, "WORK AT HOME!" will attract every would-be telecommuter, from technical people to clerical staff to sales people and stay-at-home parents. It doesn't "pre-screen"repparttar 118017 applicants.

Onrepparttar 118018 other hand, legitimate job postings tend to listrepparttar 118019 position title, such as PROGRAMMER/ANALYST or TELEMARKETER. This helps to "qualify"repparttar 118020 types of people who apply forrepparttar 118021 job. The company's valuable time is then spent reviewing only potentially qualified applicants.


There are several websites offering access to databases of jobs (some free, some for a fee). These jobs are posted there by employers. Now,repparttar 118022 employer is looking for a specific type of person to fillrepparttar 118023 position ... ifrepparttar 118024 website you've joined claims to be able to guarantee you a job - even though they're notrepparttar 118025 ones doingrepparttar 118026 hiring! - then it's time to look elsewhere.

Please remember that these tips apply to work at home jobs or opportunities. They *don't* necessarily apply torepparttar 118027 building of a home business! Home businesses are something else altogether, and may require you to invest at least a little money up-front. But that's another topic for another time.

Legitimate work-at-home jobs really are out there! Just be cautious when considering any telecommuting position. Don't assume everything you come across is legitimate -- and don't automatically assume it's a scam, either. Be open to new possibilities and do your research. Happy hunting!

Angela Wu is the editor of Online Business Basics, an exclusive newsletter for eBusiness beginners. OBB features ongoing tutorials on how to build a profitable Internet business on a shoestring budget. Find out how you too can join the thousands quietly earning a living online:

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