"How to Develop Multiple Streams of $100,000+ Home Business Income"

Written by Anne Marie Baugh

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2) Add New Products or Services In addition, you should be offering multiple products or services, to offset any downturn in sales of one orrepparttar other.

Here's an often-overlooked place where you can look to find new product ideas --repparttar 117816 space between your ears.

Reason? You -- like every home business owner -- have a book in your head, waiting to be written. And you don't have to be a "best-writing" author to be a "best-selling" author, as Robert Kiyosaki, author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad," points out.

Example: When David Garfinkel, president of Overnight Marketing, launched his "Killer Copy Tactics" Web site in April of 2000, he netted about $10,000 for his efforts. But all he really did was take existing content and "repurpose" it for sale and use as an ebook.

What do you already sell in your home business that you could also sell as a book ... or ebook, audio tape, video, newsletter, tele-class or live seminar? There really are NO limits here.

It's no secret that almost all $100,000+ home business owners have multiple sources of customers, and offer multiple products and services. So, start setting up _your_ multiple streams of income. When you "recession-proof" your home business this way, you can stop worrying and start living your dreams!

Anne Marie Baugh New Owner of http://www.writebusiness.com and http://www.write-promotion.com. Excerpted from "8 Secrets of $100,000+ Home Businesses," by Kevin Donlin, a what-to-do guide with a built-in "success coach" and a "700 times" guarantee. Available from http://www.eightsecrets.com

Time To Take A Break

Written by Bob Osgoodby

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Better yet, move along torepparttar second highest rated ad, and start publicizing that one. Smart entrepreneurs may run several ads inrepparttar 117815 same publication forrepparttar 117816 same product or service. Since they constructed their ads properly, people may not even realize they are fromrepparttar 117817 same person.

It is highly important to track which ads are generating business. One ofrepparttar 117818 easiest ways is to automatically insert a subject inrepparttar 117819 email they will send you. The following address will automatically insertrepparttar 117820 subject "5Star-Reviews asrepparttar 117821 subject when someone clicks on this address - mailto:5star@adv-marketing.com?Subject=5Star-Reviews

A simple way to start collecting this information is to set up separate folders in your email package. You can then, throughrepparttar 117822 use of filters, automatically put each response in a folder depending on its "subject". If you don't have software that can do this, you really should get it. You can download a free copy at: http://adv-marketing.com/business/frtest.htm - Click on "Freebies".

Eudora is probably one ofrepparttar 117823 best email clients you can get. While it does take a little time to discover all its features, it is a very desirable package for someone in business.

Once you determine which ads are pulling, stay with them. A common mistake some people make is to constantly change their ads, because they feel they are getting stale. Don't forget, it takes 5 to 7 exposures to an ad before someone may respond. If you are constantly changing your ads, you are basically starting over each time.

If you are finding it to be a "struggle" to work your business,repparttar 117824 worst thing you can do is to give a "half-hearted" effort. You won't really be giving it, or your clientsrepparttar 117825 attention they need. Many times,repparttar 117826 best thing to do is to take a break. Take a few days or a week off. It will pay dividends as when you resume, you will have a renewed enthusiasm.

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