How to Decorate your Space with Wall Art

Written by Claire Bowes

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Modern: Withrepparttar strong black accents inrepparttar 100120 framed iron-work andrepparttar 100121 tapestries, striking black and white photos are a natural choice for a modern and sophisticated look.

Calm Retreat: To reinforcerepparttar 100122 mood of a nestled, cozy retreat, use artwork with neutral, earthy colors and a horizontal landscape subject.

You can even mix and match different styles to create a unique style of your own. For example, frame traditional black and white photo prints in a modern black iron frame.

Arranging and Hanging your Pictures

In order to getrepparttar 100123 maximum effect of your wall pictures in terms of adding character and a focal point torepparttar 100124 room, you need to decide where and how you want to hang them.

Here are some suggestions to help you decide how to getrepparttar 100125 best effects from your pictures:-

Modern Gallery Look: To create a modern art gallery feel, particularly nice in hallways, lobbies and stairwells, give each piece ample breathing room. Stand atrepparttar 100126 center ofrepparttar 100127 first piece and take one swift, or two small steps alongrepparttar 100128 wall. This is a good center forrepparttar 100129 next piece.

Above a Sofa: When placing art above furniture such as a sofa, you need to hangrepparttar 100130 picture about six to nine inches aboverepparttar 100131 sofa, or at eye level.

Cluster Arrangements: Tightly group an even number of pictures together to give a statement or a focal point. This works on either large or small wall spaces, depending onrepparttar 100132 look you want.

In a row: By placing an odd number of pictures in a horizontal line to each other gives balance andrepparttar 100133 sense of space. This works well in hallways or stairwells.

By deciding where and how to hang your pictures, whether it be a tight cluster or a single print above a sofa, you can then determinerepparttar 100134 size and shape of repparttar 100135 pictures you need to buy.

When you have decided onrepparttar 100136 room's function, color and style, you are in a much better position to go shopping for wall pictures that fit in withrepparttar 100137 overall theme.


Wall pictures are an underestimated interior design accessory. This is probably because most people do not know what to do with their pictures in order to get repparttar 100138 maximum effect in a room. Before you go hanging up your pictures make sure you plan ahead what you want to get out of that room. Decide onrepparttar 100139 function, style and color ofrepparttar 100140 room first before you buy your artwork. By doing this you are in a much better position to buyrepparttar 100141 right type of art picture to fit in with repparttar 100142 theme and color accent of your room.

Claire Bowes is a freelance writer and the owner of and Fine art prints, wall posters and photographic prints for your wall art needs.

How to Change a Rooms Dimension using Wall Pictures

Written by Claire Bowes

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By adding these simple additions to your narrow room, you have instantly created a balance inrepparttar room's dimensions givingrepparttar 100119 sensation of additional space.

How to Heighten a Low Ceiling

Rooms with low ceilings give an oppressive feeling, whereas rooms with a high ceiling give a light and airy feel with a large amount of space. To overcomerepparttar 100120 problem of a low ceiling, there are a couple of interior design strategies to use.

First of all put down a darker floor covering, whether it be a wooden floor, carpet or lino. Paintrepparttar 100121 walls with a lighter color thanrepparttar 100122 floor, or use light colored wallpaper. If you can, use white paint forrepparttar 100123 ceiling as this always givesrepparttar 100124 room maximum light and instantly drawsrepparttar 100125 eyes upwards.

Hang up wall pictures with strong vertical lines as this then gives repparttar 100126 impression of height. Use portrait prints such as vertical landscapes, i.e. lighthouses, trees, cityscapes, or floral prints such as flowers in a vertical vase or tall long stem roses. Therefore, by combining repparttar 100127 dark floor, light walls and ceiling and portraits prints, all adds torepparttar 100128 sense of height in a room.


Art pictures and prints play an important role in home decorating for several reasons. They do not only reflect and put your own personality intorepparttar 100129 room, but they can also help as a solution to changerepparttar 100130 look and feel of a room by givingrepparttar 100131 illusion of height, width and length. This can easily be achieved by combining wall pictures, contrasting colors and decorative mirrors.

Claire Bowes is a freelance writer and the owner of Flower Pictures n and Landscape Pictures n Fine art prints, posters and photographic prints for your wall designs.

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