How to Curb Antique Shop Theft Inexpensively

Written by Michael Temple

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3. Take your security very seriously. Never joke, or tell anyone that your dummy cameras exist. If you do catch someone stealing an object, make sure that you contactrepparttar proper authorities. As Barney Fife of Andy Griffith fame always said, "nip it inrepparttar 147404 bud!" Your attitude toward shoplifters should be firm and resolute. This sets a precedent for everyone who enters your establishment.

Simple and inexpensive can reap great results.

Since people's perception of a situation often determines their behavior, a majority of people that shop with you will not takerepparttar 147405 chance. Dummy cameras and simple, plain language signage can make a huge difference! You can also purchase security stickers forrepparttar 147406 doors and windows that giverepparttar 147407 impression that a large security system is in place. These steps are for small "mom and pop" antique shops. If you have a larger mall that rents space to others, you will no doubt want to haverepparttar 147408 "real deal" in place for your consignors peace of mind. In fact, your insurance company may demand it. Shrinkage is a fact of life in retail, but putting these pethods in place will certainly help.

Michael Temple is a retired auctioneer and author of the e-book "Buying Fresh Antiques - 16 Ways to Increase Your Opportunities No Matter Where You Live." His web site Antique Power Dealer ( is popular among antique dealers and enthusiasts.

The Importance of Travel for A Writer

Written by Maxine Thompson

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Travel helps you fill outrepparttar small details of your writing projects. These were some ofrepparttar 147371 ideas that I gathered while traveling. Some will be used in future projects.

1. From my trip, I absorbed many small details, which eased their way into my novella, Second Chances, a story about renewal and resurrection in life.

2. People are basically generous. As people opened up to me, I found everyone has a story.

3. I learned aboutrepparttar 147372 haunted hotels in Galveston, Texas, which is an area of research I’d like to look into.

4. I learned aboutrepparttar 147373 flood in Galveston, Texas, which killed over 8,000 people in 1908. I’d like to research this story more.

5. Onrepparttar 147374 cruise, I took classes in traveling aroundrepparttar 147375 world safely, which cultivated my desire to travel aroundrepparttar 147376 world.

6. I also took a class on feng shui, which I found to be useful as a fictional plotting tool. (Pronounced fung- schway, this isrepparttar 147377 ancient Chinese art of manipulating and arranging your surroundings to attract positive life energy, or chi, so it can flow smoothly, unblocking any obstructions in your body and environment. Feng Shui evolved fromrepparttar 147378 theory that people are affected for better or worse by their surroundings.)

Most of all, since this trip, I discovered that travel not only broadens a writer’s horizons, it is a lucrative way to make money as a travel writer.

As a writer, how would you like to travelrepparttar 147379 globe and find out how different cultures live? What if you could do this, stay in five-star hotels, and have an all-expense paid for trip? Moreover, what if you could get paid for writing articles about your travels? Wouldn’t it be nice to supplement your income as a novelist?

Bottom line. The largest journey isrepparttar 147380 internal journey that you go on when you travel. I believerepparttar 147381 best writing should “Tell me something I don’t know.” Therefore, when you travel, you will encounterrepparttar 147382 unknown. Some resources to help you sell articles, including travel articles arerepparttar 147383 following:

1. Writer's Market -- this annual publication lists 8,000 or more (mostly North American) publications that buy articles -- travel and others.

2. Writers & Artists Yearbook -- A directory for writers, artists, playwrights, writers for film, radio, and television, designers, illustrators, and photographers. This is a good resource for British and European markets.

3. The Guardian Media Directory -- Also focuses onrepparttar 147384 British and European markets, this listing contains over 10,000 contacts, from regional newspapers to publishing houses.

Maxine Thompson does 3 Internet radio shows to help authors promote their books and products. They are at,, If you are interested in being a guest, or for help with your writing needs, please contact me at or

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