How to Create an Online Identity!

Written by Merle

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4) Writing short articles and getting them published in various newsletters- Take it from me this one works. Nothing will establish you as an expert or send you as much traffic as getting published. Once people see your name popping up over and over, they just have to visit your website if just only out of curiosity.

5) Network withrepparttar "Top Online Players' By hanging out withrepparttar 125203 successful people you can learn a lot as well as bask in part of their spotlight. Don't be afraid to ask them to partner with you or run an ad for you endorsing your product or service. You'd be surprised atrepparttar 125204 numbre of people who will help you online if you just ask.

So, now you think that creating an online presence is a lot of hard work? Well, you're right, it is! But with anything in life, you get out of it what you put into it.

Creating an online identity is one ofrepparttar 125205 most important things you can do for yourself online. Along with an identity comes a sense of trust. When people trust you, they will want to become your customers and buy your products and services. After all, that's why you're online inrepparttar 125206 first place, isn't it? Now, who are you again.......

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More Ways to Benefit from Your Press Release!

Written by Lisa Lake

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In this caserepparttar client's business "story", from humble beginnings to 15 years later, had been intermingled intorepparttar 125202 press release. We expected a good chance of havingrepparttar 125203 release picked up on, since his newest service for finance and credit managers was newsworthy (solutions offered in a shaky economy) and groundbreaking (daily credit updates posted torepparttar 125204 Internet on businesses experiencing economic stress). Certainlyrepparttar 125205 release could add strength torepparttar 125206 sales letter! He firmly decided to include it, inrepparttar 125207 exact form it had been sent out torepparttar 125208 media.


Press releases can be an important element to websites. Who doesn't benefit by being able to click right to current information, important announcements, and news about your company? A progression of releases being made available offers a real history ofrepparttar 125209 business.

Have you extendedrepparttar 125210 life of your press release in other ways? Let me know at

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