How to Create a Successful Mini-site: Discover Insider Tips From A Marketing Expert

Written by Nathan Lynch

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So I also get hits from searches on "classified advertising" for example.

[Nathan] So what are your other sources of traffic?

[Harvey] Well here'srepparttar real surprise Nathan. I found that other sites are linking to mine even though I have not requested them !

[Nathan] What isrepparttar 102578 reason for this - and how did you find out?

[Harvey] They do this in order to give their own readers a useful resource. I find these out by examining my site logs, which tell me from where visitors have come, and by usingrepparttar 102579 backward linking feature inrepparttar 102580 search engines.

Many of these links are from directory sites of resources.

But I have found links from personal sites listing it as one of their favorites, and even a site in another language.

Another example: Allan Gardyne writing in his famous Associate Programs Newsletter advised.

"If you decide to stick with Internet marketing, I strongly urge you to NARROW your focus. An example of a marketing site with a narrow niche is Harvey Segal's (Type "ad tracking" into Google and you'll see he has No.1 spot.)

And also of course, just to show how word gets around, you have kindly offered to interview me Nathan for your newsletter.

I'll also mention what isrepparttar 102581 quickest way to get word out about your product. By contributing torepparttar 102582 online discussion forums and providing useful answers to other readers' problems and putting your Url in your signature. And whenrepparttar 102583 questions are about any aspect of ad tracking it's easy for me to retain a neutral stance and simply point readers torepparttar 102584 "Ad Tracking Guide" as opposed to a particular tracker with a blatant affiliate link.

[Nathan] Now with all this traffic coming I expect sales have been booming.

[Harvey] Well there's two parts to a successful web site. Getting targeted traffic and then converting this to sales. You need both. Lots of traffic does not necessarily mean lots of sales. And atrepparttar 102585 start sales were few.

[Nathan] Why was this ?

[Harvey] Well I built my site onrepparttar 102586 principle that it would be unbiased and without hype. And I think that has definitely been a positive factor in getting link popularity and good tributes.

But it was clear that I needed some form of incitement to get my visitor torepparttar 102587 point of sale.

So I tested out little changes, spicing up my sales web copy, for example with an opening statement "You are about to discover one of repparttar 102588 most powerful marketing tools to be found onrepparttar 102589 Net"

[Nathan] And did that dorepparttar 102590 trick ?

[Harvey] It made little difference, so next I decided to abandon neutrality and pick a particular product,repparttar 102591 one I personally use, as a recommended purchase.

[Nathan] Well a recommendation fromrepparttar 102592 man who createdrepparttar 102593 Ad Tracking Guide must surely have turnedrepparttar 102594 balance.

[Harvey] Wrong again !

[Nathan] That must have been very frustrating for you because I know from our conversations that you an ad tracker enthusiast, using them all over your sites, ebooks, forum postings andrepparttar 102595 like.

[Harvey] That's it Nathan. You've hitrepparttar 102596 nail onrepparttar 102597 head. I needed to explain exactly why I was so enthusiastic about that product and how and where I used it.

So I added "Click HERE to read a special review on why this is our number one choice" which led to a new page with a detailed explanation so that readers could see real proof of how it works for me.

And bingo. Sales soared from that day.

[Nathan] That's a great tip for all site owners. I find a personal recommendation more convincing than any other factor.

I see you have multiple sites with entirely different content and yet you link to them from this one. Why would you want to do that ?

[Harvey] These arerepparttar 102598 one page minisites I mentioned before. Actually they are not strictly one page. You need a few more pages to get a decent ranking so it's an idea to fill them with useful content but to ensure that there are no distractions (such as external links) to deflect from your primary goal of gettingrepparttar 102599 sale.

The reason that I link to them is that Google - which is nowrepparttar 102600 most important engine - won't index your site if it is not linked from another site. In fact I have all my sites pointing to each other to build up link popularity, an important factor inrepparttar 102601 Google ranking algorithm.

[Nathan] How successful are these other sites?

[Harvey] They vary. If I find one is not performing I'll "throw" it away and try another.

[Nathan] Throw it away ? After all that expense?

[Harvey] Minisites are unbelievably cheap these days. The main requirement I have is reliability (uptime) - I don't need allrepparttar 102602 extra trimmings. You can purchase such sites for $20 a year - that includesrepparttar 102603 domain name as well !

[Nathan] Can you tell us where to find such resources?

[Harvey] Yes, it's quite ironic. If I started again and most web site owners agree with this I would not have a big general Internet marketing site as I have with So I have convertedrepparttar 102604 home page to a discussion about. . .

minisites !

[Nathan] Harvey it's been great hearing about your site and especially those tips you keep giving us.

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Which Affiliate Program Makes You the Most Money?

Written by Denise Maling

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Okay, so enough about us and our trials and tribulations. Letís talk about what makes a good program. It is simple;repparttar bottom line isrepparttar 102577 closing ratio. Look, if someone is offering you $200.00 per referral, you have to consider a couple of things:

1. Will they pay me on each and every completed application? 2. How many applications do I have to send their way in order to receive my commission (what isrepparttar 102578 closing ratio)?

Then there are those programs offering just $50.00. Consider this: If they are only paying $50.00, how are they competing? The answer: they pay!

Ifrepparttar 102579 program is paying high commissions,repparttar 102580 customer is going to lose inrepparttar 102581 end and if you referred him, guess what? You are notrepparttar 102582 good guy butrepparttar 102583 bad guy who helped gouge him.

Letís face it. We walk a fine line. How do you win? You focus onrepparttar 102584 program that makes it a win/win/win for you,repparttar 102585 customer andrepparttar 102586 company.

The first thing to do when signing up for an affiliate program is to find out what isrepparttar 102587 closing ratio. Naturally this will depend onrepparttar 102588 type of leads you send torepparttar 102589 company, but it should have a general idea. Once you have that information, calculate what each lead is worth, then make your decision.

Also, if you are willing to send a substantial amount of business their way, find out what other benefits you may receive as an affiliate. A good idea is to submit a news release or article for publication in their ezine and trade links periodically. Publicity for both companies leads to more revenue. Keep in mind, it should be a partnership if you are going to heavily promote their business.

Denise Maling, VP of Sales for AIS Media, Denise is responsible for achieving AIS Media's sales and customer support objectives. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Marketing and an Associates degree in Merchandising. If you would like to learn more about merchant services, check out You can also review an incredible affiliate program, just go to

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