How to Create a Links Page and Build Page Rank

Written by James R. Morrison

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Now for a little trick I use to find good page rank link traders. Go to . Type in your main keyword or phrase and search. Find a competitive web site with a throughrepparttar roof page rank. Click "inbound links" right underrepparttar 127911 title and there ya go. Findrepparttar 127912 sites with high page ranks and visit them. Gatherrepparttar 127913 email addresses to contact them.

You'll want to tell linking prospects you're a brand new site when you email them. Mention that you are aggressively campaigning for reliable link partners and high search engine rankings. Throw in a service, gift or other offer as a way to thank them forrepparttar 127914 new linking partnership as follows: "If you would like to trade links, we'll give you an (service) as a symbol of thanks." If you have some good(PR5+) new links, let them know it. This will ensure them that you mean business and that your web site's overall page rank is onrepparttar 127915 increase. Lastly, add your site to as many directories (large & small) as possible using keyword text as your title. If you do this and keep at it, you won't be sorry!

James R. Morrison

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“Google Friendly” Solutions to Graphic-Intense Sites

Written by Robin Nobles

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Keep in mind that these new pages are interior pages, which means that they should provide a link to other pages on your site, and your site should provide a link back to those pages. If you’ve done your homework right, these new pages are providing value to your users, therefore providing value torepparttar search engines, so there’s no reason why you wouldn’t want to link to these new interior pages.

Can you use redirects fromrepparttar 127910 text-based pages torepparttar 127911 pages of graphics? I highly recommend not doing so. The engines have never been fond of redirects for one thing. But, even if your redirects aren’t “sneaky” (as Google says in their Guidelines), if you don’t use text links withrepparttar 127912 keyword phrase inrepparttar 127913 link text, you’re missing out on one ofrepparttar 127914 most valuable search engine optimization strategies available to you: using your keyword phrase in link text pointing to your pages.

4. You can leave your existing graphic-intense pages as they are, and instead concentrate on “off page” factors such as building link popularity to those pages and making sure thatrepparttar 127915 pages linking torepparttar 127916 graphics pages use link text that contains your important keyword phrase. In other words, you can work on your “link reputation.”

After all, you can compete withrepparttar 127917 big boys using almost any strategy that is detrimental to search engine rankings if your link popularity and link reputation is strong enough, and ifrepparttar 127918 sites linking to you describe your site using your important keyword phrase.

By “strong” enough, I mean thatrepparttar 127919 links should be from popular, authoritative sites in your topic area. Sheer numbers aren’t what we’re after here. We’re after links from popular and authoritative sites in our topic area. We’re also after links that use our important keyword phrase inrepparttar 127920 link text describing our pages.

In Conclusion

Thoughrepparttar 127921 best solution is to add text to your pages of graphics, sometimes you (or your client) won’t want to go that route. They may want to keeprepparttar 127922 existing pages just as they are.

In those situations, it’s important to have some “Google friendly” solutions that will give yourepparttar 127923 best chance at achieving top rankings for your pages, while making sure that you’re followingrepparttar 127924 guidelines as stated by Google.

Robin Nobles teaches 2-, 3-, and 5-day hands-on search engine marketing workshops thru in locations across the globe as well as online courses at Robin's partner, John Alexander, recently published an e-book titled, “Wordtracker Magic," at (which offers great tips for helping you learn how to focus on your target audience.)

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