How to Create a Linking Strategy that Works - Easily!

Written by Merle

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3) Linkagexpress:

This service hand tailors a linkage campaign specifically for your website. They findrepparttar links in your niche market and guarantee to increase your traffic in only 30 days or less. Take advantage ofrepparttar 125198 free link popularity consultation offered to see if it's right for you. A minimum of 50 link requests is required, with Campaigns starting as low as $500. That breaks down to a per link request cost of $10.00 a link.

4) Zeus:

Easy to use, this Internet robot builds a link directory and creates reciprocal links for your website all on its own. Well, ok, you have to help a little bit. The software sends personalized reciprocal link requests under your supervision, after you visitrepparttar 125199 sites and approverepparttar 125200 ones you want to include in your directory. There are two versions available: Pro for $199.00 or a free sponsored version that is limited.

5) LinkTrader:

This handy piece of free software allows you to enter in repparttar 125201 url's of allrepparttar 125202 sites that are suppose to be linking to you and run a live report. After LinkTrader scansrepparttar 125203 sites in your list it generates a report ofrepparttar 125204 sites that do and don't have your link. An optional email can be sent to each site asking why they have removed your link if you like.

6) LinkCrafter:

This free piece of Windows software will automatically find pages related to yours, creates link to them, and notify their owners that you have done so. This software was given ZD Net's 5 star rating.

Gathering reciprocal links for your website is a powerful promotional tool that you should be utilizing in order to increase your traffic and improve your link popularity. By adding only relevant links that relate to your site's topic you'll also be adding an additional value for your visitors as well. Popularity was important in High School and onrepparttar 125205 Internet it's no different. If you use it to your advantage you'll be one ofrepparttar 125206 most popular sites onrepparttar 125207 web in no time at all.....and that you can count on.

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Making the Most of Linkbacks

Written by Marc McDonald

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4. Closely monitor your site's referral statistics. When you work out various linkback deals with other sites, it's important to keep tabs on how many clicks these sites are sending you. Ideally, both sites in a link trade will send each other an equal number of clicks. Of course, it rarely works out that way. Butrepparttar fact is, you should keep tabs on linkback traffic and make sure that your link partner is sending you a fair number of clicks.

5. Look for sites to linkback with who likely draw an audience that would be interested in what you offer, as well. When you consider doing a link trade, you shouldn't simply focus onrepparttar 125197 traffic your link partner is drawing. What is more important is how likely that site's audience is going to be interested in what you offer, as well. One thing I do is to always spend some time browsing around a potential linkback partner's site. The question I always ask myself is: "Would a typical visitor to this site likely be interested in what my site has to offer, as well?" It pays to spend some time, exploring any sites that you work out linkback deals with. Even if a linkback partner is steering you loads of traffic, your all-important credibility will suffer if you're sending your visitors to a linkback partner who has content that's inappropriate for your audience.

6. Pick linkback partners with potential. I think this method is often overlooked by Webmasters who do link trades. To me, a suitable link partner is someone who runs a useful, credible site that I know my visitors will enjoy and benefit from. Butrepparttar 125198 ideal link partner I look for is someone who runs an outstanding site that hasn't yet found an audience, for whatever reason. Perhapsrepparttar 125199 site is too new to have built an audience. Or mayberepparttar 125200 site owner excels at content, but has poor promotion skills. Sites that fall into this category make for ideal link partners. If you'rerepparttar 125201 first site to send significant traffic to them, it's something that they'll always remember (and always be grateful for). What's more, if they have a worthwhile site, it's usually only a matter of time before they do build a sizable audience, which, of course, will benefit you overrepparttar 125202 long run.

7. Regard your linkback partners as more than just a link. The most valuable asset you can build as a Web site owner is your partnerships and relationships with other site owners. Overrepparttar 125203 years, I've built up a sizable network of Webmaster friends and partners who've played a key role inrepparttar 125204 success of my sites. I began my relationship with most of these folks via a simple link trade deal. In many cases, what started out as simple link trades have evolved into valuable business and Web partnerships. As a result, I've cultivated a network of valuable, trustworthy contacts, who I can depend on and share useful advice with.

If you follow these steps, you'll be able to makerepparttar 125205 most of linkbacks in building your site. Using linkbacks effectively isrepparttar 125206 single most potent technique for building an audience for your site.

Marc McDonald is a former journalist and editor with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and the creator of as well as several other popular Web sites that have received extensive media exposure from CNN's "Headline News," the BBC, Fox News, ZDTV, CBS Radio, the Washington Post, and many more. Visit the at: and AAAPostcards at:

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