How to Create a Lifetime Commissions Affiliate Program

Written by Christopher Pearce

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This field can be anything you want, likerepparttar customer's surname plusrepparttar 102589 last 5 digits of their credit card, their name and phone number, or any other combination you can think of.

When a sale is made this field is compared with a table that contains a list of these fields andrepparttar 102590 affiliate that referred them. If it finds a match, it awardsrepparttar 102591 due commission.

If it doesn't find a match, it then looks for an affiliate ID inrepparttar 102592 cookie and makes a new entry torepparttar 102593 lifetime identifier database.

A simple, yet highly effective system. Database tracking isrepparttar 102594 most reliable way to track inrepparttar 102595 long term.

I highly recommend MYAP withrepparttar 102596 LifeTime Commissions module for lifetime tracking.

My Affiliate Program Software:

------------------------------------ Ultimate Affiliate ------------------------------------

Ultimate Affiliate is a good PERL software suite for UNIX servers. Ultimate Affiliate tracks by cookie, IP address, and can produce dynamic or static web pages that haverepparttar 102597 ID ofrepparttar 102598 referring affiliate embedded in all internal URLs. All your affiliates' details are stored in a MySQL database.

With a knowledge of PERL and HTML you can customize virtually any page created byrepparttar 102599 software.

This software can easily handle recurring commissions, and has graphical stats for both you and your affiliates. It can handle up to twelve tiers of commissions.

I recommend you do not pay out on more than two tiers. More than two tiers is multi-level marketing, which generally has a bad image onrepparttar 102600 Internet because it attracts spammers. MLM products also tend to be over- priced to pay forrepparttar 102601 many tiers of commissions

Ultimate Affiliate:

================================================ Give your affiliatesrepparttar 102602 right tools forrepparttar 102603 job ================================================

One thing that really makes some programs stand head- and-shoulders aboverepparttar 102604 rest is real-time tracking that shows affiliatesrepparttar 102605 conversion rates for their various links.

That means affiliates can see which of their various links are performing and get an idea why, and what links aren't and how they could be improved.

Affiliates should be able to seerepparttar 102606 number of click- throughs to each of their different links,repparttar 102607 number of sales that each link has made, andrepparttar 102608 conversion rate for each link should be calculated for them.

This enables them to figure out how to improve their links, and thus make more money for themselves, and for you.

They should also be able to setrepparttar 102609 landing page for these links, so that they can link to specific products.

Affiliates who link to and promote specific products are a lot more successful than those who simply promote your site in general.

The shorter and less your links look like referral URLsrepparttar 102610 better. Some people recognize affiliate URLs, and are suspicious of them.

Considerrepparttar 102611 following (imaginary) URLs:

The first one (where "more-info" isrepparttar 102612 affiliate's username) is much more likely to lure a click-through.

A big advantage of short referral URLs is they are easier to put into newsletters, which are a highly effective way to advertise online.

============================= Help your affiliates help you =============================

Ninety percent of affiliates won't make a lot of money for you. They need encouragement, motivation, and help.

Consider giving performance bonuses torepparttar 102613 top earners. Run a monthly newsletter and praise your top affiliates in it.

Tell your other affiliates howrepparttar 102614 top earners did it, and aboutrepparttar 102615 performance bonus you gave them. Give your affiliates ideas on how to promote your products best.

Your top earners will appreciaterepparttar 102616 ego massage, and your other affiliates will find out what's possible if they put their mind to it.

For more details see:

How to make your affiliates enthusiastically loyal

Remember, when you help your affiliates get sales, you help yourself get sales.

============== The end result ==============

Starting a lifetime affiliate program is not easy, butrepparttar 102617 rewards are worth it.

To make your affiliate program successful, you need to make it attractive to affiliates, andrepparttar 102618 best way to do that is offer good rewards.

If you pay lifetime commissions you offer affiliatesrepparttar 102619 opportunity to earn more money than they normally would. They will work harder forrepparttar 102620 better commissions and inrepparttar 102621 end, it will pay off with a better, more effective affiliate program, that is more profitable for you.

- Christopher Pearce -

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How to make your affiliates enthusiastically loyal

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The Right Thing

Written by Thomas

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I joined several duringrepparttar next few months, but I just could not seem to findrepparttar 102588 right one for me. Many were low cost or free to join, butrepparttar 102589 product was not right. Some had a good product or service, but they expected a monthly fee to be paid even if you could not sell anything. Nothing seemed to be working. I just could not getrepparttar 102590 right combination.

One day I was offered a membership in a new referral program. I checked outrepparttar 102591 website. It seemed too good to be true. I was leary of anything that offered so much for so little. I did all ofrepparttar 102592 background checks. It was a legitimate company. Free to join and a low onetime fee ($25) to upgrade to affiliate. Fully refundable at any time. The product is an online community that pays all members a share of advertising profits. A pure Internet company. Nothing to make or ship. Just sign people up and they get paid for usingrepparttar 102593 website. The more people I sign uprepparttar 102594 more money I make. Wow, could it berepparttar 102595 right thing for me!

I joined whilerepparttar 102596 company was still in pre-launch. I upgraded to affiliate. I referred others torepparttar 102597 website and started making a profit. What could be better then using someone else’s company to start my own worldwide business. All my criteria were met. A great product , low cost, good profit.

If you want to succeed in anything you must do two things. 1. Develop a plan with your own criteria. What isrepparttar 102598 right thing? 2. Stay with it.

Just keep searching. Keep trying. Persistence pays.


My name is Thomas. Age 45 I have been happily married for twelve years. we have one child. I work in the printing industry and as a part time internet marketeer.

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