How to Create Your Own High-Octane Info Products

Written by Martin Avis

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Weight Loss Jobs Prom Dresses Travel Recipes Dogs Baby names

Now, I'm not passionate about any of those, but I can clearly see how any one of them could be turned into an information-packed special report that would sell for 10 bucks or more. Can you?

Weight Loss: What arerepparttar most popular diets in America today? Go to newsgroups, find out what people are saying about them. Find two or three people who have succeeded in losing serious weight on each diet. Interview them. Packagerepparttar 117632 whole thing up as an 'insiders guide to today's diet plans.'

Jobs: How about a state-by state analysis of unemployment figures. A regional plan for optimizing your chances to find a new job. A directory of job- seekers resources. A book on 101 thing you can do if you are laid off. A report on 'home workers guide to survivingrepparttar 117633 recession.'

Prom Dresses: Now I know nothing about dresses, and I've never been to a prom, but this subject is not only highly important to those involved, it is also emotionally charged, and perennial. What more does a business need? Subjects that could be included: this years styles and colors. How much should you pay? The best suppliers. It is highly researchable and I'd bet, very much in demand. This search term came 28th out of 500 sorepparttar 117634 market is pretty big!

Travel: Where do you live? Folks come there. They want to knowrepparttar 117635 best places to go. You can tell them. I'm not going to labor this one,repparttar 117636 scope is so huge, but you could do a lot worse than visiting Mike McGroarty's board at to see what he has in mind forrepparttar 117637 future of travel booklets. Very exciting!

Recipes: This is a big field, but you can narrow it down. Everybody loves cook books. Take a look in any bookstore. And there is a world-wide market. The secret here is to link it with something else that people want. So, to use our example above, you could produce a series of recipe books for each ofrepparttar 117638 top diet plans. See where I'm going?

Dogs: Dog lovers are obsessed. If you own a dog you'll understand. If you don't, you will be baffled. Yet canine = cash. You can write about breeds, training, behavior, exercise. Just go torepparttar 117639 library, or search on google and facts will fall at your feet. Pick them up and put them in your book.

Baby names: Okay, there are books inrepparttar 117640 stores with lists of names. SO WHY ARE PEOPLE SEARCHING ONLINE? There is a market. People wantrepparttar 117641 answers NOW. Not next Saturday when they can get to a bookshop. What can you do that is different? How about a list of allrepparttar 117642 names celebrities have called their kids inrepparttar 117643 last 5 years? What about a list of names with allrepparttar 117644 meanings, plusrepparttar 117645 numerology forecast for each one?

See what I mean? You may not be passionate about any of these things, but if I told you that when you have finished writing your book 1000 people will pay you $10 each to read it - will that spark a little passion in your belly? It does in mine!

"I can't write that well."

That is really just an excuse for not doing it.

It doesn't matter one little bit if you can't spell -repparttar 117646 software will sort most of it out for you.

So what if you don't understand grammar? Most ebooks are written in a very conversational style. Can you talk to your friends? Write like that. Totally correct grammar is often a disadvantage online.

When your book is written, give it to a few friends to read over for you. Listen to their suggestions because no matter how good at writing you are, other people will always spot your mistakes. You can even post on forums for people to review/critique your work.

"It's not that easy. I have been trying for six months or better to find something to develop and cannot seem to find that one big hit-that home run."

The problem here is that you have paralyzed yourself by wanting to seerepparttar 117647 end result before you have put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard). That is where you have gone wrong. If you tell yourself that you can't do it, then GUESS WHAT? You CAN'T!

The only way to finish a project is to start it.

To summarize:

# Create your own ideas bank. # Find out what people are interested in. # Find a subject that you like (passion is optional). # Write your 7-question outline. # Research until your eyes hurt - looking especially for facts that are not easily accessible. # Write, write, write. Don't even think about if it sounds good, or reads right. Just get words on paper. # When it is done, read it over and then put it aside for a week or two. # When you come back to it, re-read it and then start to rewrite it. # Atrepparttar 117648 point that you feel you can't do any more, ask other people to chip in. # Then, if you have done a little each day, you will have a product to sell.

There is an old writer's mnemonic: WRITER

Write Read Ignore Trash Edit Rewrite

Do you want to have an information product of your own to sell? Then congratulations, it is right there for you to take.

Or do you want to find more excuses for not doing anything? It is your choice.

Go and get you book started. You know you can.

Martin Avis is a management and training consultant. To get your unfair advantage in Internet marketing, business and personal success, (and 6 free gifts), subscribe to his free weekly newsletter, BizE-zine. or visit his information-packed website at

How To Move Out Of The Inner Circle

Written by John Colanzi

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** The Disabled

There are many people on disability who can't work full time and their checks are way to small to live on.

They only need a few extra dollars to supplement their checks.

** College Students

How many college students do you think would much rather spend a few ours making money with their pc, than busing tables or delivering pizzas?

They are already working towards their career, they just want a few extra dollars beyond their books and tuition.

** The Two Career Family

How many two career families would rather have one member work from home and be there for their children.

The list is endless.

The part time market is virtually untapped and outsiderepparttar inner circle.

Help them get what they want and they'll help you grow your business.

It's a total win win.

John publishes the "Street Smart Marketing" newsletter. To subscribe Download your free copy of Secrets of Success.

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