How to Copy a DVD

Written by Steve Bishop

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DVD Piracy

One thing that confuses many people is what is legal and what is illegal when it comes to copying DVDs. The same as copying CDs or downloading music fromrepparttar internet, this can be a very confusing topic. You may wonder why if copying DVDs is illegal, why there are so many sites that advertise how to do it. If you take notice, most of these sites advertise as how to make a “back up copy” of your disc. This means you are simply making a copy for your own use in case one copy was to become broken. This is legal. You can make as many copies of your own movie as you want. You are not, however, allowed to distribute those copies in any way. Many people think that as long as they are not receiving money for it, then it is okay to share them. This is false information.

If you buy a legal copy of a DVD movie, copy it yourself, then give that copy to a friend that is piracy. Even if you get no profit from it, you are cutting intorepparttar 138387 profits ofrepparttar 138388 movie industry.

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Pennies On The Dollar - Buying Audio Software Smart. Part 12

Written by David D. Deprice

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* Player - allows you to easily advancerepparttar recording forward and reverse various step sizes, along withrepparttar 138285 slider control. The 6 sets of forward/reverse buttons can be customized to advancerepparttar 138286 recordingrepparttar 138287 desired number of minutes or seconds. * Show Actual Record Time onrepparttar 138288 Player - You can setrepparttar 138289 Player to displayrepparttar 138290 actual timerepparttar 138291 recording took place (e.g. 10:42) instead of justrepparttar 138292 time intorepparttar 138293 recording. * Easy hiding with just one mouse click and restoring with just one mouse movement. System tray icon becomes animated to let you know whenever Cybercorder 2000 is recording. * Purge Old Recordings. Cybercorder 2000 offersrepparttar 138294 option to automatically remove old recordings atrepparttar 138295 specified time to clean up disk space. * Disk low notification - whenrepparttar 138296 disk drive runs low (to a preset level), Cybercorder 2000 indicates a warning. When disk space runs even lower (also a preset level), it stops recordings and sets a warning indicator until disk space is freed. * Disk Status Window - shows disk space information along with a list ofrepparttar 138297 scheduled recordings. * Program enable - you can disable a program which is scheduled for selected days ofrepparttar 138298 week without removing it. The program can then be re-enabled for later use. * Explore & Copy to Clipboard - you can easily bring uprepparttar 138299 Windows explorer which points atrepparttar 138300 selected recorded file's folder. Similarly, you can copy a filename of a selected recording torepparttar 138301 Windows clipboard for cut and paste operations (e.g., for transfer to a portable MP3 player). * Suspend/resume - Cybercorder 2000 can be placed in a suspended state if you wish recording to not occur, even with scheduled programs present. The software can be resumed at any time. * Pause/Continue a recording in progress. * Standard WAV file recording - Recorded WAV files are fully compatible with 3rd party software such as Wave file editors, MP3 converters, and CD writer software. * Joystick Activation - A four button joystick can be used to start, stop, pause, and resume a recording. * Complete help system.

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