How to Cope When Someone You Love is Deployed

Written by Susan Dunn, The EQ Coach

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Expect things to make you angry. You want to hear is it's all a joke, it isn't happening, and anything short of that won't work.

That having been said, it's normal to:

·Feel like you're going nuts ·Cry a lot ·Have trouble making decisions ·Have no appetite ·Sleep too much or not at all ·Feel angry


* Don't isolate yourself. "Share your thoughts, vent your anger, or ask for help," saysrepparttar Submarine Wives Club. Check out their website ( ) for support groups, and useful information. * Hire a coach. * Develop your emotional intelligence; build resilience. * Focus on yourself and keeprepparttar 126245 momentum going. Learn something new, develop a new skill. * Practice xtreme self-care - exercise, get massages, and eat right.

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That Was No Gorilla, That Was My Inattentional Blindness

Written by Susan Dunn, The EQ Coach

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"A member of Simons' team approaches someone onrepparttar street and asks for directions," says El-Hai. "Asrepparttar 126244 subject begins to speak, a crew of faux workers carrying a door abruptly squeezes betweenrepparttar 126245 two. Asrepparttar 126246 door passes between them,repparttar 126247 person who asked for directions changes places with a third person." Again, 50% didn't notice they were giving directions to a different person.

Same thing happened when they had a waiter duck behindrepparttar 126248 counter and a new waiter popped up. The diner kept on talking.

"We have limited attentional resources," concluded Simons. What we notice depends on how much else we're attending to, and this was true even whenrepparttar 126249 subject claimed to have great visual memory.

"Practical applications of Simon's work would be airline and highway safety," says El Hai. Scary thought.

Another application - watch it withrepparttar 126250 cell inrepparttar 126251 car! We have limited attentional resources.

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