How to Cook without Water

Written by Helen Porter,

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Controlrepparttar heat It is important to start with a cold pot and to checkrepparttar 144711 heat throughoutrepparttar 144712 cooking process. Ifrepparttar 144713 heat is too high,repparttar 144714 steam will evaporate and destroyrepparttar 144715 food and possiblerepparttar 144716 cookware. When one cooks according torepparttar 144717 waterless method, we strongly recommend to maintain MEDIUM heat.

Get a vapor seal Start cooking at medium heat. Whenrepparttar 144718 slightest puff of steam escapes onrepparttar 144719 side ofrepparttar 144720 lid lowerrepparttar 144721 heat to low or simmer. After this, you may start counting forrepparttar 144722 cooking time. The lid now has formed a natural seal withrepparttar 144723 pot. We recommend to use 3-5 tablespoons of water inrepparttar 144724 beginning.

Donít peek Every timerepparttar 144725 cover is removed duringrepparttar 144726 cooking period, heat and steam are allowed to escape, which will lengthenrepparttar 144727 cooking period and dry outrepparttar 144728 food. If you canít resistrepparttar 144729 urge to peek, never forget to add a few extra tablespoons of water. Be specific: Ifrepparttar 144730 recipe calls for 10 minutes, donít start looking after 5 minutes.

Follow these simple steps and you should be fine!

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Barbequing, a Fun and Convenient Way to Make Dinner©

Written by Valerie Giles

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Three very popular methods of barbecuing arerepparttar direct grilling, dry smoking and indirect grilling methods. Direct grilling is probablyrepparttar 144439 most popular grilling used, it is when food is placed directly overrepparttar 144440 flame. It is a fast method because ofrepparttar 144441 intense heat and allows for browning onrepparttar 144442 outside of foods. This process works best for food requiring short cooking times such as burgers and steaks, you must remember to turn food over to allow cooking on both sides. The dry smoking method is achieved by placing a grill rack indirectly overrepparttar 144443 heat source withrepparttar 144444 barbecue lid down, this allowsrepparttar 144445 flame to burn thus creating smoke which coversrepparttar 144446 food, giving you a smoky flavor. Lastlyrepparttar 144447 indirect grilling is a slow process of cooking because of less heat, it is done by surrounding a drip pan withrepparttar 144448 coals and puttingrepparttar 144449 food overrepparttar 144450 pan, sorepparttar 144451 hot air circulates aroundrepparttar 144452 food (similar to a convection oven). It is wise to check with your barbecue owner manual for indirect grilling specific to your barbecue, roasts work well with this method.

After youíve acquiredrepparttar 144453 barbecue and allrepparttar 144454 necessary cooking utensils and accessories youíre ready forrepparttar 144455 best part of barbecuing and that isrepparttar 144456 cooking ofrepparttar 144457 food. Sauces, marinades and rubs are popular cooking ideas when barbecuing. Barbecue sauce can be said to define a great barbecue. Whether you use a little or a lot is a matter of preference. A sauce often includes sugar, honey or preserves, which can causerepparttar 144458 sauce to burn when cooking; a suggestion is to brush your sauce on inrepparttar 144459 last five to ten minutes of cooking. There are a wide variety of sauces and glazes to be made ranging from apple butter barbecue sauce to raspberry piquant sauce.

Marinades are used for soaking your choice of meat, tofu or vegetables. The marinating both tenderizes and permeatesrepparttar 144460 food with flavor, adding flavor and promoting crisp brown exteriors, changing an otherwise average dinner into a great one. Marinades are virtually fool proof and can be made in advance refrigerated in an airtight container for up to a week. The three basic ingredients in a marinade are; flavorings such as herbs, spices, sweeteners; oils which keeprepparttar 144461 food pliable and give a crispy crust; acids such as citrus juices, wines, vinegars and yogurts used to balancerepparttar 144462 sweetness. It is suggested to userepparttar 144463 acids sparingly on fish and poultry, as they will softenrepparttar 144464 flesh when used.

A virtually fat free and easy way to add flavor to food is by using a variety of bold seasonings in a rub. The food is rubbed with spices prior to grilling,repparttar 144465 rub transforms into a crunchy brown crust that seals inrepparttar 144466 juices and enhancesrepparttar 144467 flavors ofrepparttar 144468 food. The spices should be generously applied coatingrepparttar 144469 entire surface ofrepparttar 144470 food;repparttar 144471 food should then be covered and put inrepparttar 144472 fridge for 15 minutes to 2 hours. Simplicity isrepparttar 144473 key for making rubs, salt and sugar are two ofrepparttar 144474 main ingredients andrepparttar 144475 rest are up to you.

In summary, whatever your barbecuing specialty might be barbecues can be both a fun and convenient way to make dinner. Summertime neednít berepparttar 144476 only time of year that youíre barbecuing, if weather allows you can barbecue all year round. The options have never been more exciting, andrepparttar 144477 variety of foods and recipes never more abundant.

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