How to Cook A Lobster

Written by Michael Sheridan

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You can now turn uprepparttar heat untilrepparttar 149924 water reaches a gentle simmer and cookrepparttar 149925 lobster for around 8 minutes a pound.

Drain and plunge into iced water. Let it cool in there before draining again and transferring torepparttar 149926 fridge until needed.

The lobster will reward you for this kindness by being succulent and tender. It wonít be stuffed with adrenalin and its meaty fibers will not have contracted into something resembling India rubber. The next step is to cutrepparttar 149927 lobster in half and to clean it.

Lay it on its back and use a strong, very sharp, knife to cut it in half from tail to head. You will easily seerepparttar 149928 stomach bag atrepparttar 149929 back ofrepparttar 149930 head andrepparttar 149931 blackish gut runningrepparttar 149932 length ofrepparttar 149933 body. Remove these and discard.

You may also, if you wish, discardrepparttar 149934 greenish liver, although aficionados hold this to be a delicacy. Itís certainly edible, but personally I chuck it because I donít likerepparttar 149935 color.

And thatís it. You can now serve your lobster cold with some freshly made mayonnaise, or indulge in one ofrepparttar 149936 more fanciful hot dishes for which some restaurants have become famous.

Former head chef of the Pierre Victoire restaurant in London, Australian Michael Sheridan is a published writer on cooking related matters and runs a free club for busy home cooks at

Vegan Chocolate Feeds the Sweet Tooth

Written by Anna Wilde

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Researchers believerepparttar proteins in milk may inhibitrepparttar 149923 antioxidant properties of chocolate. This is terrific news for vegans. With dark chocolate they are getting not only a dairy-free treat, but they are also treating their bodies to a healthy dose of antioxidants.

The dairy industry would have us believe milk does a body good, but research has shown over and over that dairy products are unhealthy. By choosing healthy non-dairy chocolate and desserts, we are pulling our weight as conscious consumers and lettingrepparttar 149924 world know we won't be fooled into unhealthy food choices.

Anna Wilde is a freelance writer. She writes about vegan chocolate and other vegan issues in her blog.

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