How to Control Poison Ivy

Written by Marilyn Pokorney

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* Mowingrepparttar plant will eventually kill it but be sure to use a mower with a collection bag and don't touchrepparttar 105431 remains when emptying it. This method will take several years to completely eradicaterepparttar 105432 plant from your yard.

* Don't use a weed-eater as that will only spreadrepparttar 105433 broken pieces ofrepparttar 105434 plant everywhere. Dried poison ivy is just as poisonous as fresh. It is said that even 100 year old leaves can still cause a reaction.

* Suffocation with black plastic has been known to work. This too takes time.

* An organic method consists of sprayingrepparttar 105435 plant with salt water. A ratio of one cup salt to a gallon of water with a few drops of liquid soap added to helprepparttar 105436 mixture adhere torepparttar 105437 plant.

* Broadleaf herbicides work but will kill any neighboring plants. Usually poison ivy is intertwined among plants that you want to keep, including trees. Using selective herbicides like Roundup can be applied torepparttar 105438 plant stems as they are cut off to prevent resprouting.

No matter what control method you use, be careful to avoid exposing your skin torepparttar 105439 plant. Wear gloves, long pants, socks and shoes, and a long-sleeved shirt.

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Lawn Aeration The Cure for Soggy Grass Carpets

Written by Linda Paquette

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Small lawns with little thatch can be easily aerated by walking over them wearing a pair of spiked shoes. The least expensive type of aerator is a spiked pole, which you push intorepparttar ground. However,repparttar 105429 most effective type of lawn aerator is a core aerator. If you have large areas of turf, this isrepparttar 105430 type of aerator that will dorepparttar 105431 best job. In addition, core aerators can be purchased to attach to most riding mowers and lawn tractors.

The disadvantage of core aeration is that it does leave plugs of earth scattered about your lawn. However,repparttar 105432 plugs can be removed, broken up, or will quickly decompose under heavy spring rainfalls.

Linda is a leading author of Lawnmower Guides All about Lawnmowers and Lanwcare



Linda is a leading author of Lawnmower Guides All about Lawnmowers and Lawncare

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