How to Connect Features and Values

Written by Robert F. Abbott

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As we've all been told many times, features aren't important in themselves, rather they're important forrepparttar benefits they confer. Yet, benefits tend to dead-end, that is, there's a tendency to stop analyzing once we've identified them.

Thinking of consequences, rather than benefits, helps extend our analyses to another level, to values. Admittedly, this may be as much about semantics as substance, but nevertheless it matters.

From another perspective, consequences help us move fromrepparttar 147561 concrete torepparttar 147562 abstract. We can touch or experience features directly; that takes no imagination. Values, onrepparttar 147563 other hand, are all inrepparttar 147564 mind; they can't be touched or experienced inrepparttar 147565 same way.

For example, wash your hair with this shampoo, which contains ingredient X-15 (a feature) and you'll feel more confident (a consequence) when you go out for an evening, and a feeling of confidence helps you enjoy social occasions (a value satisfier, and ultimate result).

You've no doubt seen this strategy used in shampoo commercials and display ads. Which makes sense, because most of us don't value nice hair for its own sake; we value it for social reasons.

In summary, understandingrepparttar 147566 connection between features and values, through consequences, helps make our communication more effective.

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Newsletters – Keeping Your Customers Informed

Written by Justine Curtis, Enable UK

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·Use double opt-in registration There are two standard methods for online registration, single and double opt-in. Single opt in requires that you enter an email address into a web site and click onrepparttar sign up or subscribe button. With double opt in you will be sent an email torepparttar 147527 address you have used when signing up and you will need to click a link on it in order to verify that you wish to receiverepparttar 147528 publication. Double opt-in isrepparttar 147529 preferred method because it requires confirmation and therefore establishes that it isrepparttar 147530 owner ofrepparttar 147531 email address that has signed up.

·Link to your privacy policy Place a link to your privacy policy near to your list subscribe form. Your policy should describe how you handlerepparttar 147532 information you collect and how people can contact you in case they have any concerns or questions. It is also a good idea to confirm that their information will not be sold, rented or passed on in any way to any third parties.

Maintaining your subscriber list: ·Send a welcome message to each new subscriber When you receive a subscription request, send a welcome message immediately. Include a description of what they will receive and how frequently, and how to unsubscribe. It is also a good idea to try to get them to return immediately to your web site. You can offer a timed discount or a link to previous free articles, anything you think that might get them to look again at your offering.

·Keep accurate sign-up records Occasionally you or your Internet service provider (ISP) may receive a spam complaint from someone who forgot they subscribed to your list. Keep accurate records that includerepparttar 147533 date and web address from which they signed up. Using a third party mailing service should prevent this.

·Ask your members to opt in again if you are using an older list If you have not sent a mailing for a while, ask subscribers to indicate that they want to continue to remain on your list by sending you an email, clicking a link or visiting a web page. Make it as simple as possible to reaffirm their interest to avoid losing potential customers.

·Remind people that they subscribed Include a standard heading each time you send a message. A short note such as “Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter” will remind recipients that they requested your mailings and thatrepparttar 147534 content ofrepparttar 147535 newsletter will be of interest to them.

Producing an effective newsletter: ·Avoid spam terms in your subject line and message text If your message contains words frequently used by spammers, people will delete it and possibly file a spam complaint. ISPs often filter emails with suspicious subject lines; also note that it is illegal to use deceptive or misleading ones. Avoid obvious spam words like “free” and if in doubt, good mailing services offer a free spam check facility prior to your newsletter being sent out. They will actually scanrepparttar 147536 newsletter and alert you to any words that might set offrepparttar 147537 spam filters.

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·Include your physical address and phone number Put your phone number and postal address in your message. This allows readers to contact you to place an order or inquire about your services. In addition, legislation in some countries requires that physical addresses are included on commercial email messages.

·Send your mailings regularly Keep in touch with your subscribers frequently so they don’t forget they signed up to receive your mailings. They will begin to anticipate your messages if you adhere to a regular schedule.

·Reply promptly to each inquiry or spam complaint If you receive an inquiry or a spam complaint, respond to it as soon as possible. Always includerepparttar 147538 subscriber’s sign-up information with your response. Following these simple suggestions will help you retain your subscriber base, which is fundamental for a thriving permission-based electronic newsletter or marketing campaign. If you are considering using a third party mailing service, I would recommend that VerticalResponse's iBuilder isrepparttar 147539 email marketing solution you need to build your opt-in mailing lists, publish your online newsletters and manage your direct email advertising campaigns, right from your browser. Clickrepparttar 147540 link for a free trail:

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