How to Come up With Fresh Writing Ideas

Written by Caterina Christakos

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Does your sister have a talent for jumping rope and blowing bubbles, with purple bubble gum? Mayberepparttar heroine for your next book could dorepparttar 129273 same.Is their a kid in your neighborhood that is always getting into trouble? Hmm, do you think thatrepparttar 129274 creator of Dennisrepparttar 129275 Mennis might have known one?

You can use your family and friendís talents and their physical characteristics to come up with tons of characters. One hint though- if you choose to make Uncle Charlie a slug or Aunt Emma a rhinoceros, keep it to yourself. They may not be thrilled with their induction into literary history.

Inspiration is all around you, waiting for you to reach out and grab for your next storyline or character. Use stories fromrepparttar 129276 news, jokes that your neighbors tell you,repparttar 129277 quirky things that your dog Buster does inrepparttar 129278 morning.

One final word - stop criticizing what you have written down. In these first stages, no one cares if you have misspelled words or if your grammar isnít perfect. Just write. The rest will follow, after your story is done.

Caterina Christakos isrepparttar 129279 author of How to Write a Childrenís Book in 30 Days or Less. For more writing tips please go to

Caterina is the author of How to Write a Children's Book in 30 Days or Less, as well as several children's books. To view some of her work please go to

Write? Right!

Written by Michael Ambrosio

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4. Focus yourself. If you needrepparttar internet for research, thatís fine. Just restrict yourself torepparttar 129272 research at hand. I canít tell you how often I found myself, two hours later, surfing some unrelated sites and being no closer to my goal. Itís easy to get side-tracked so watch yourself.

5. LIMIT yourself. Provided you can stay focused onrepparttar 129273 task at hand, you should limit yourself to a certain amount of time. You donít want to burn yourself out and end up hatingrepparttar 129274 task. Get youself a clock or watch and choose a comfortable time limit. I usually give myself thirty minutes at a time. It may not seem like a lot of time, but remember Ė if you focus onrepparttar 129275 task at hand, you will accomplish a lot.

6. Organize your research. You will no doubt find so much information on your subject. Set yourself up with a file or notebook that is only for your article information. I canít tell you HOW you should set this up because I donít know you. But if you want to read an outstanding book on creating ezines then you should check out ďToo Busy To Create A Profitable EzineĒ by Ann Rusnak. Itís one ofrepparttar 129276 best books Iíve read.

7. Write often. Practice makes (almost) perfect. It truly DOES get easierrepparttar 129277 more you do it. Donít get discouraged. If your first article isnít all that good, write another one. Then another.

There are so many ďtipsĒ and ďsuggestionsĒ we could go through. We could be here for hours Ė but there are already so many good books on this subject. The bottom line is that you need to make that commitment to yourself if you want to write successfully, whether itís for your own ezine or to submit to article databases.

Writing, for most people, requires a little patience. Go easy on yourself. Keep trying. As I am just starting to learn Ėrepparttar 129278 easier it gets,repparttar 129279 more rewarding it gets. And it gets more enjoyable. And as I am also learning, I am starting to get a bigger flow of traffic.

After all is said and done, isnít thatrepparttar 129280 overall goal?

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