How to Close More Online Sales Through the Magic of Questions

Written by Brian Tracy

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Questions are equally vital duringrepparttar presentation, i.e., inrepparttar 127376 body of your web copy, for clearly explaining how your product or service solves your prospect's problem in an easy, fast, or cost- effective way. Therefore, install questions within your sales copy that capture attention. Keep your prospect involved, and keep his mind from wandering off in a different direction by using intriguing questions that grab his lapels and jerk him toward you. Forrepparttar 127377 length of time that it takes a prospect to answer a question in his mind, you have his total attention. The prospect is drawn more and more into repparttar 127378 sales process as your questioning proceeds. If your questions are logical, orderly and sequential, you can leadrepparttar 127379 prospect forward towardrepparttar 127380 inevitable conclusion to purchase your product or service.

Tip: Never say something if you can ask it instead! Think of how you can phrase your key selling points as questions. The person who asks questions has control!

Closing Questions that Presumerepparttar 127381 Sale

Just as questions are important atrepparttar 127382 beginning and repparttar 127383 body of your web copy, they are even more vital atrepparttar 127384 end in gaining a commitment to action.

The key to asking a closing question is confident expectation. You must skillfully craft your question to convey that you confidently expectrepparttar 127385 prospect to say, "Yes" or to agree torepparttar 127386 sale.

For example, you can poserepparttar 127387 following question in your web copy: "When would you like to start using to multiply your profits?" In other words, you don't ask if they want to buy your product, but when. This way, you're asking forrepparttar 127388 sale expectantly, andrepparttar 127389 more confidently you expect to sell,repparttar 127390 more likely it is that you will sell.

Tip: In crafting your closing question, include repparttar 127391 benefit that your prospect will get from your product.

When you ask a compelling closing question, you diffuserepparttar 127392 tension that normally creeps up on your prospect atrepparttar 127393 "moment of truth." A prospect's tension leads torepparttar 127394 hesitance that kills so many sales - both online and offline.

To be truly persuasive inrepparttar 127395 selling process, learn to use questions judiciously throughout your web copy. Instead of trying to overwhelm your prospects with reasons and rationales for doing what you want them to do, ask strategic questions instead. When you takerepparttar 127396 time to planrepparttar 127397 wording of your questions, your prospect will become more interested in your product -- and consequently, you will make more sales.

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Does your sales letter display confidence?

Written by Grady Smith

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Check your sales letter. Do you sound confident in it? Arerepparttar words you’re choosing stating that you’re very sure about what you’re doing? Do you show that you’rerepparttar 127375 authority onrepparttar 127376 subject, and that to pass onrepparttar 127377 offer would be crazy? Of course, you might not say that, but your sales letter should reflect it.

Write your sales letter likerepparttar 127378 product is already sold, you’re just explaining what they’re about to get. For instance, use phrases like “You’re about to learn allrepparttar 127379 marketing secrets”, or “You are also going to learn”. Just keep in mind thatrepparttar 127380 customer is already sold.

That’s not to say that you don’t want to write your sales letter inrepparttar 127381 traditional sense of selling a prospect. But you want to sprinkle it with phrases that assume anyone would makerepparttar 127382 purchase after seeingrepparttar 127383 benefits they’ll receive.

Another phrase to use is something like “You can’t afford not to purchase.” It shows confidence thatrepparttar 127384 reader has to makerepparttar 127385 purchase orrepparttar 127386 results could be disastrous.

Remember though, that customers still need to feel in control of their decision. Using phrases like “You are going to buy” sound threatening. By crafting a letter that shows confidence, but doesn’t demandrepparttar 127387 customer to buy, you’ve got a powerful sales tool that will work for you over and over again. It’s a thin line, but with practice you will soon master it.

Confidence is to carryrepparttar 127388 assumption thatrepparttar 127389 reader ofrepparttar 127390 letter will buy. You know it, and soon they’ll know it. I find that by having this assumption when writing a sales letter I convey confidence in my product. It works; you just have to try it.

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