How to Choose the Right Accounting Software for Your Business

Written by Brandon Hall

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One additional factor to consider in your decision is that Peachtree Accounting is less expensive than QuickBooks. Both starter versions of Peachtree and QuickBooks are priced at $99.95 each, butrepparttar full-featured version of Peachtree is priced at only $199.95 whilerepparttar 146583 full-featured QuickBooks Pro is priced at $299.95.

Atrepparttar 146584 end ofrepparttar 146585 day,repparttar 146586 biggest advantage QuickBooks offers over Peachtree is compatibility with other applications. For example, most commercial banks (Bank of America, SunTrust, etc...) provide you with files designed to work directly with

QuickBooks, so that you can read, study, and decipher transaction details. Also, some banks will allow you to update account information in real-time with QuickBooks. Check with your bank to see what accounting software their online services support, and you should be able to make your decision.

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What You Need to Know About Business Intelligence

Written by David McKeegin

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BI Tools

When using business intelligence, a company has to collect a vast amount of information. BI tools can help businesses store, organize, and even collect business data. Some data tools are data warehouses, data modeling, and data mining. Using data tools helps to improverepparttar efficiency of business intelligence. While data tools are used for organization, Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) is used inrepparttar 146547 analyzing process. OLAP is commonly referred to as simple Analytics, which is based onrepparttar 146548 hypercube or “cube” dimensional analysis.

There are also vendors who help business with business intelligence. A vendor provides a company withrepparttar 146549 business intelligence tools and support needed forrepparttar 146550 successful implementation of a business process. Siebel Systems, Microsoft, Altius Consulting, Business-Soft, and SAS Institute are just a few ofrepparttar 146551 companies offering business intelligence tools and support.


The better a business understands its market (everything fromrepparttar 146552 customer to its competitors),repparttar 146553 more effective that business can be. Businesses that have as complete, 360-degree understanding of what their customers need and want will be better able to devise successful strategies and implement successful processes to make their business thrive. Business intelligence isrepparttar 146554 path that businesses can take to achieve their goals, which can be either short-term or long-term. Some may wonder aboutrepparttar 146555 ROI of business intelligence. No doubt, if a company ends up gaining many customers, and retaining current customers as a result of business intelligence, then it will be a positive ROI. Business intelligence, if implemented correctly, and efficiently, can only help a company.

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