"How to Choose an Online Biz Mentor"

Written by Bryan A. Jones

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The definition of a mentor according to Webster is,

1. A trusted counselor or guide. 2. Tutor, Coach

Let me give you 4 simple points to help you find a good online business mentor:

1. They must have honesty, integrity and credibility. 2. They must have legitimate, successful experience in this industry. 3. They must have a proven, verifiable track record. 4. They must be able to answer in clear termsrepparttar most basic question every online marketer asks when starting this business. It goes something like this:

"I am still fairly new to this whole Internet marketing thing. I've tried a handful of opportunities and spent hundreds of dollars on information and services so far. I've gotten nowhere. I need to start making money now! Can you help me finally grow a reliable income source online like you did?"

If your potential mentor fulfills all of these categories, then you are on your way to online success. But if not, run away as fast as you can. You will lose more than gain.

Once you find this person(s) listen and follow their lead. And when you become successful you can become a mentor to your list of proteges'and help them succeed,too.

Bryan Jones is the owner of TheHonestBusinessman.com website and the editor of the StraighTalk for Online Newbies e-newsletter. Bryan is a strong advocate for the online business "newbie" and offers a FREE Quick-Start Kit that includes a 42-page guidebook. This FREE kit can be found at: http://www.TheHonestBusinessman.com

Why So Many Don't Succeed At Developing A Home-Based Business

Written by Kirk Bannerman

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When working at home a person can, at times, experience a feeling of isolation which is probably brought on byrepparttar lack of interaction of a work force environment.

There can also be periods of doubt inrepparttar 137615 early going...gee, did I pick a viable business opportunity?...am I doingrepparttar 137616 right things to develop my business?...when will I start making a profit?, and so on.

You are most likely going to experiencerepparttar 137617 "two steps forward and one step backward" syndrome andrepparttar 137618 ever-looming temptation to become discouraged. However, keep in mind that as long as you have more steps going forward than backward, you will eventually get ahead! Simple, but often overlooked.

Relatively minor setbacks can seem huge inrepparttar 137619 early stages of developing a work at home business and can really contribute to some noticeable "mood swings". For example, if you are just starting out and you have four customers/clients and you happen to lose one...that's a 25% drop! However, if you fast-forward in time torepparttar 137620 point where you have hundreds of customers/clients and you lose one...that's just a mere fraction of 1%! Exactlyrepparttar 137621 same event, just at a different point in time.

Hang in there and just keep on keepin' on. If you have chosen a viable home business opportunity (one that has been around for awhile and in which some other people are having success) you will achieve success, but it takes time and there will be ups and downs alongrepparttar 137622 way. Rememberrepparttar 137623 old saying..."it takes a long time to become an overnight success".

Kirk Bannerman operates his own successful home based business and also coaches others seeking to start their own home based business. For more information visit his website at Proven Work At Home Business

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