How to Choose a Website Design Company

Written by Cindy Kelly

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5. Getting pricing for your website. Request web design quotes from your favorite companies. Make sure bids are comparable. One company may include website maintenance inrepparttar package and one may not. Some of these "extras" can be very valuable. Check item by item to be sure you know what your paying for.

6. Partnership. Engaging with a web design company should be a partnership. Let them work for you by offering useful information about your business andrepparttar 135796 image you want to portray. Participation on your part will contribute to an overall successful design that will meet or exceed your expectations.

Even though some of these steps seem obvious, its often easy to overlookrepparttar 135797 simplest things when we have a lot to do. We hope These steps will help you on your quest to findrepparttar 135798 perfect web design company.

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Guide to Internet Business - Website Setup

Written by Steven O. Ng

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Some people with sufficient HTML knowledge use word processing programs to directly coderepparttar HTML for their websites. Forrepparttar 135773 rest of us who don't have such skill, we recommend one ofrepparttar 135774 popular graphical programs like Macromedia Dreamweaver or Microsoft Frontpage. These programs allow you to create your webpages with mouse clicks with little need for knowledge in HTML.

If you want to make your website look like another website, you can "copy" their HTML and modify it to fit your website. In Internet Explorer, clickrepparttar 135775 "View" menu, then clickrepparttar 135776 "Source" option. This will show yourepparttar 135777 HTML code forrepparttar 135778 website. You will need some HTML knowledge to make sense of this and use it on your website.

If you need more information and examples onrepparttar 135779 many things that HTML can do, you can visitrepparttar 135780 online tutorial at W3Schools.


Once you have your webhosting set up and your webpages completed, you need to transferrepparttar 135781 completed pages to your webhosting server. If you are using a graphical program like Dreamweaver to work on your webpages, you can configure Dreamweaver to transferrepparttar 135782 files for you.

If you are doing it manually, you need to transferrepparttar 135783 files via FTP. Your webhost will provide you with an FTP server, with a user id and password for you to access your account onrepparttar 135784 webhost. Once you connect torepparttar 135785 account via FTP, you will be able to upload (transfer files from your computer torepparttar 135786 server) or download (transfer files fromrepparttar 135787 server to your computer) or modify files as required.

You can FTP torepparttar 135788 server using your computer's Windows Explorer, by enteringrepparttar 135789 FTP server's address in your explorer's Address Toolbar. Or you can use specialized FTP programs such as AceFTP.


If you want to add extra functionality to your website, such as polls, newsletter subscription forms and other interactive programs, you will need to install scripts onto your website.

If you are looking for scripts to create a newsletter mailing list, do note that some webhosting services also provide mailing list scripts. If your webhost doesn't provide it, BigNoseBird has a good email list management software.

For other scripts and functionality, you can check outrepparttar 135790 popular scripts at websites such as BigNoseBird and HotScripts.

When you've finished setting up your website and getting it launched,repparttar 135791 next step will be to start looking atrepparttar 135792 various means to attract visitors at:

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