How to Choose a Domain Name for Offline Promotion

Written by Alan Grissett

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Several other important issues to consider arerepparttar domain name length, use of hyphens inrepparttar 124458 domain name, andrepparttar 124459 name's overall "readability". The domain name length can have a direct impact on how effective that name is at driving traffic to a site. As you can probably imagine,repparttar 124460 fewerrepparttar 124461 characters in a domain name,repparttar 124462 better. The use of hyphens in a domain name can have a negative impact on a name's effectiveness, so they should be avoided if offline advertising is planned. A name's readability should also be taken into consideration when planning offline promotions. Dorepparttar 124463 words run together confusingly? Arerepparttar 124464 letters positioned in such a way thatrepparttar 124465 name might be misread? If so, capitalization can be used in print to eliminate some ofrepparttar 124466 confusion.

So what if you've already registered a name, and you find another name that you think would work better for offline advertising? That's simple. Registerrepparttar 124467 new name, and get your host to set up an "alias" that will direct any trafficrepparttar 124468 new address receives to your existing Web site.

Alan is the lead developer for InfoServe Media, LLC (, a Web development company that specializes in Web site design, hosting, domain name registration, and promotion for small businesses.

Time Your News Release For Maximum Publicity

Written by David Leonhardt

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I have been asked aboutrepparttar best day ofrepparttar 124457 week to send out a news release. There isn't one. I have seen plenty of debates on this. From personal experience,repparttar 124458 only difference I ever noticed is when I could pick a slow news day. For instance, if in your cityrepparttar 124459 daily newspaper can be reached on Sunday and not too much tends to happen that day in your subject area, you may find it easier to get into Monday's newspaper than if you try later inrepparttar 124460 week. But on average, there is not much difference.

Best time of month, year, etc? Again, there is no single best time. There is one golden rule. Do not send out a release whenrepparttar 124461 world is wrapped up in some all-consuming event likerepparttar 124462 death of Princess Diana orrepparttar 124463 attack onrepparttar 124464 World Trade Center. Remember how much TV airtime and newspaper print space were devoted to those events? The media and its audiences had other things on their minds than your news. You can't control events, but you can controlrepparttar 124465 timing of your release (most ofrepparttar 124466 time).

How far in advance should you send out your release? Some book reviewers usually need several months. Others don't want to see your release untilrepparttar 124467 book is onrepparttar 124468 store shelves. Many consumer magazines have a six-month editorial preview. Features editors often run several weeks ahead of time, but sometimes squeeze things in on short notice. News departments want only breaking news. Yesterday's news is ... well, yesterday's news. Your release is already forgotten.

Does all this sound confusing. It is. The bottom line in any marketing is to know your target market and give it what it wants. Same withrepparttar 124469 media. The guidelines above give a very abbreviated list of what you need to consider. If you are still unsure, a media coach might be a good investment. But be forewarned find someone with enough experience and success to coach you inrepparttar 124470 right direction.

After a decade and a half as one of Canada's top consumer advocates, often conducting over 600 media interviews each year, David Leonhardt is sharing his knowledge with others. Pick up a copy of his special report "Get In The News!" at Home page is

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