How to Change a Flat Tire

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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Inrepparttar old days,repparttar 100174 spare tire and jack where always inrepparttar 100175 trunk ofrepparttar 100176 car. Now with mini-vans and SUVs, vehicle manufacturers have become very creative with hidingrepparttar 100177 spare tire and jack. Below is a list of places where you might findrepparttar 100178 jack.

- inrepparttar 100179 trunk - under or behindrepparttar 100180 seat - hidden behind a panel - underrepparttar 100181 hood

Below is a list of places where you might findrepparttar 100182 spare tire.

- inrepparttar 100183 trunk - underrepparttar 100184 vehicle - hanging onrepparttar 100185 back ofrepparttar 100186 vehicle - hidden behind a panel

Go out to your car right now and locate your jack and spare tire. You may need to locate your owners manual first to learn how to locate and use your specific jack to change a flat tire. It's better to figure it out now rather than waiting until you're stranded byrepparttar 100187 side ofrepparttar 100188 road.

If you have never jacked up your car, now isrepparttar 100189 time to practice. As mentioned earlier,repparttar 100190 vehicle should be on level ground. The jack usually needs to be positioned at a "peg" or "slot" underrepparttar 100191 chassis nearrepparttar 100192 tire to be removed. At first don't jackrepparttar 100193 car up so high thatrepparttar 100194 tire leavesrepparttar 100195 ground. Just jack it up to take most ofrepparttar 100196 weight ofrepparttar 100197 car offrepparttar 100198 tire.

Then userepparttar 100199 lug wrench to "break"repparttar 100200 lug nuts lose. To break them lose you have to turn them counter-clockwise. Breakingrepparttar 100201 lug nuts lose might take a little muscle. If you leftrepparttar 100202 bottom ofrepparttar 100203 tire onrepparttar 100204 ground, this will help by preventingrepparttar 100205 tire from spinning orrepparttar 100206 vehicle from rocking. "Breaking"repparttar 100207 nut lose means loosening it enough so you can get it off easy, kind of like a jar with a stuck lid. Just break them lose at this point, don't remove them.

If you're not strong enough to getrepparttar 100208 lug nuts loose, now isrepparttar 100209 time to find that out. It is also not uncommon for a tire mechanic to over-torque lug nuts, or strip treads sorepparttar 100210 lug nut can't be removed. To getrepparttar 100211 lug nuts off you may have to use "leverage". That is, makerepparttar 100212 handle ofrepparttar 100213 wrench longer, for example by putting a pipe over it. In any case now isrepparttar 100214 time to learn about problems with gettingrepparttar 100215 lug nuts off - not when your stranded atrepparttar 100216 side ofrepparttar 100217 road.

After you have brokenrepparttar 100218 lug nuts lose, jackrepparttar 100219 vehicle up higher. Jack it up just high enough so thatrepparttar 100220 tire leavesrepparttar 100221 ground. Then removerepparttar 100222 lug nuts andrepparttar 100223 tire.

There are two types of spare tires. You are lucky if you have a full-sized spare. Most cars today have a "space- saver" spare. A space-saver is thinner than a regular tire. The space-saver works like a regular tire, but there are two things to be aware of. First, space-savers are rated for only 50 mph. They are intended just to get you torepparttar 100224 service station. Second,repparttar 100225 air pressure requirement for a space-saver is usually much higher thanrepparttar 100226 regular tires for your car. Make sure you keep it filled torepparttar 100227 proper pressure.

Next putrepparttar 100228 spare tire overrepparttar 100229 lug studs and putrepparttar 100230 lug nuts back on. Startrepparttar 100231 lug nuts with your fingers to make sure you don‘t cross treads. After you haverepparttar 100232 lug nuts started, userepparttar 100233 wrench to turn them on allrepparttar 100234 way. Afterrepparttar 100235 lug nuts are allrepparttar 100236 way on, jackrepparttar 100237 vehicle back down untilrepparttar 100238 tire touchesrepparttar 100239 ground. Now you can torquerepparttar 100240 nuts down tight.

There is alwaysrepparttar 100241 question; how tight do I makerepparttar 100242 lug nuts? There is actually a specification (which tire service personnel usually ignore). For example; 95 ft. lbs. as indicated on a torque wrench. But forrepparttar 100243 average person without a torque wrench, it's a matter of feel.

You want to tightenrepparttar 100244 lug nuts tight enough so that you are confident they won't come lose while you are driving, yet not so tight that you can never get them off again. Don't be a super man and tighten them until you striprepparttar 100245 threads or breakrepparttar 100246 stud. Just make them tight enough so that you are confident they won't come lose while you are driving. It's a matter of feel. After you have tightenedrepparttar 100247 lug nuts, removerepparttar 100248 jack.

Fix or replacerepparttar 100249 flat tire ASAP. Murphy's law number 66 states that if you don't have a good spare tire you will immediately get a flat tire. Fix or replacerepparttar 100250 flat tire onrepparttar 100251 next weekend if you can't do it sooner.

If you don't know how to locaterepparttar 100252 jack, accessrepparttar 100253 spare, and replace a tire on your vehicle, I suggest you go do it right now for practice. If you are prepared and confident, getting a flat tire will be a minor inconvenience, rather than a bad experience that screws up your entire day.

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How To Keep It Working Longer

Written by Robin Edwards

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* replacement spigots The tank must be Drained of it's water first.

Newer units can be safely drained since their is no sediment build up yet.

Connect a garden hose torepparttar drain spigot and lead it to a floor drain. You can drainrepparttar 100173 tank into a sink, but allrepparttar 100174 water will not run out becauserepparttar 100175 hose will be held higher thanrepparttar 100176 bottom ofrepparttar 100177 tank.

(Since you only have to drainrepparttar 100178 water andrepparttar 100179 bottom ofrepparttar 100180 tank to flush outrepparttar 100181 sediment,that's all right.

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