How to Buy a Wedding Dress not a Wedding Mess

Written by Victoria Williams

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Give it more time

Don't wait untilrepparttar last minute. If I was a bridal shop saleswoman that liked to scam women, I would love to see a desperate bride coming through my door with only 3 months left untilrepparttar 142658 wedding. Pressure tactics that they like to put on you would triple in size. If you have less than three months left, you are better off buying your wedding dress offrepparttar 142659 rack and then altering it.

Be Less Anxious

Don't buyrepparttar 142660 first dress that you put on please. First loves don't only come in boyfriends they also come in "fairytale" wedding dresses. Its a phenomenon that bridal shops love. Don't we all wish we had a bridal shop saleswoman like Judge Judy who will tell you like it is?

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How To Buy Property in Spain Safely

Written by Rhiannon Williamson

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When looking for an estate agent to represent your interests find one with a strong and positive reputation…a reputation they will do everything to protect and therefore one who is unlikely to want to offer you anything less than a first class service. Furthermore, find an agent who speaks English and Spanish! It is imperative that your agent understands every minute point aboutrepparttar property, contract, terms and conditions and correctly relates this information to you.

Many estate agencies recommend lawyers to their clients when it comes to contract negotiations, searches etc. Bear in mind that a solicitor referred to you by your agent may be more inclined to act inrepparttar 142444 agent’s best wishes rather than your own. Why? Becauserepparttar 142445 agent likely refers an awful lot of business to him therefore he will do his best to maintain that relationship first! This is of course not alwaysrepparttar 142446 case, but you might be better advised to find an independent lawyer throughrepparttar 142447 recommendation of friends and trusted third parties who have already had significant or at least similar dealings with said lawyer.

Finally, changes in land laws in Spain have been introduced in Valencia and most recently Andalusia and these changes are ‘a good thing’ in theory, butrepparttar 142448 stuff of nightmares for many foreign buyers inrepparttar 142449 parts of Spain affected byrepparttar 142450 legislation.

In theoryrepparttar 142451 laws have been introduced to protect rural land, agricultural land, to prevent over development and also to stop private owners from restricting development. Butrepparttar 142452 laws have been badly implemented, they have been exploited and there are many cases of foreign residents convinced that they have been targeted unfairly because of their nationality.

The intricacies ofrepparttar 142453 law seem open for interpretation and in Valencia so many private buyers have suffered atrepparttar 142454 hands of developers exploitingrepparttar 142455 law thatrepparttar 142456 European Union recently ruledrepparttar 142457 law unreasonable. As a result a new version of it has been drafted and is awaitingrepparttar 142458 Valencian parliament’s passing of it.

In Andalusia many foreign owners of rural land on which they were hoping to build a home have lost out torepparttar 142459 new laws which restrictrepparttar 142460 development of such land. It is absolutely a case of buyer beware, and even more importantly it is a case ofrepparttar 142461 buyer doing their complete homework before making any solid plans for that dream home. If you’re interested in purchasing a ruin or run down building for redevelopment or you’re interested in building from scratch on an empty plot make sure in advance that permission will be granted and that your piece of land in Spain can and will sustainrepparttar 142462 ambitions you have for it.

If you keep a cool head when buying property in sunny Spain and you employrepparttar 142463 same levels of caution and care that you would if buying a house in your home country you will most likely avoidrepparttar 142464 common traps and pitfalls that some people fall foul of. Just remember to think ofrepparttar 142465 longer term consequences before you act and consider employingrepparttar 142466 services of qualified and reputable professionals to assist you withrepparttar 142467 legal and financial side of your transaction and your overseas buying experience will be one you savour!

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