How to Build an Asset Out of Giving Stuff Away for Free

Written by Jim Green

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1. I set up a dedicated subscription web page offering targeted visitors a bumper bundle of goodies to opt-in and sign up for a free newsletter I have yet to launch.

2. I emailed my existing lists directing members torepparttar bumper bundle page.

3. I installedrepparttar 138959 script for an opt-in responder form onrepparttar 138960 home page ofrepparttar 138961 portal.

4. I inserted a link in most of my other websites.

That was several weeks ago and already itís showing signs of paying off.

I am averaging around 30 sign-ups per day and my new list currently stands at 1300+

The subscription site is an ugly duckling - but so what Ėrepparttar 138962 technique is working.

If you would like a sneak peek at how Iím building an asset out of giving stuff away for free, you might like to visitrepparttar 138963 site featured inrepparttar 138964 resource box below.

Jim Green is an online enthusiast and bestselling author with an ever-growing string of niche non-fiction titles to his credit.

Beware the Software Siren

Written by Ross Lambert

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Help, oh I need somebodyÖ -----------------------------------

You may be tempted to skimp on your help system.. Trust me, that is not a good idea. For one thing, inrepparttar minds of todayís consumers a reasonably good help system is considered a bare necessity. For another thing, a good help system will lower your return rate. It is a worthwhile investment.

A help system also lowers your ongoing technical support costs. What tech support costs you say? Well, hereís a statistic that will blow your mind: Most software companies allocate a minimum of 30-40% of a productís purchase price to technical support. The reason is simple: Itís cheaper than refunds. Now you may not have created a Microsoft Office clone, but I guarantee you that some inexperienced users are going to need handholding. In my opinion, even inrepparttar 138938 world of niche products you must at least offer same-day e-mail support.

Xena is cool. Xenophobia is not. ---------------------------------------

Now before you think Iím just an American developer dissingrepparttar 138939 folks from other lands over on E-lance and RentACoder, think again. I use both services and love them. And I have developed some excellent working relationships with individuals at both sites. My purpose here is to fire a warning shot acrossrepparttar 138940 bow of wannabe software publisherís boats: Software development is a mind-bogglingly labor intensive task whether you do it yourself or pay someone else to do it for you. Web sites like E-lance and RentACoder have loweredrepparttar 138941 cost of software development torepparttar 138942 point that a middle-class American can think about becoming a publisher without having to sellrepparttar 138943 house.

But you can still get burned, and it is worth countingrepparttar 138944 total cost of publishing before you get started.

-- Ross W. Lambert, The Midnight Marketer

Ross Lambert is co-founder of, a mentoring, hosting, tooling, and e-commerce incubating membership site. He is also a Senior Software Engineer for a fast-growing telecomm in Kirkland, WA and a happy husband and father.

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